KHTK Postulates

Reference: KHTK Version of Scientology

Here is my strategy for putting together these postulates:

(1) We apply the methodology developed as SUBJECT CLEARING to Physics, Scientology and Buddhism to come up with these postulates.

Summary of Postulates

(2) We start as broad as possible by describing the UNIVERSE, and its basic elements. The fundamental substance is ENERGY on which the characteristics of SPACE, TIME and MATTER depend. The broad process through which energy may be related to all things in the universe is CONDENSATION. This is different from what science accepts, but these concepts are more general.

The Postulates 1 – 5

(3) We describe the observer (viewpoint) and the observed (dimension points). The dimension points seem to be part of continuous scales that we see as dualities. But they form the dimensions of the universe. These dimensions give much wider significance to space.

The Postulates 6 – 10

(4) We postulate that the basic nature of dimensions is to be continuous, harmonious and consistent. This basic nature determines the background of truth. We note how truth can be variable depending on the characteristics of the viewpoint. Thus, truth may be improved or degraded.

The Postulates 11 – 15

(5) We postulate that we are the results of our thoughts and to handle our condition we must handle our thoughts. We may call the structure of thoughts in a living entity to be its mind.

The Postulates 16 – 20


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