The Postulates 31 …

Reference: Course on the Universe

When we apply the method of SUBJECT CLEARING to the general knowledge we inevitably end up with the following postulates. 


POSTULATE # 31: Underlying an anomaly there is fixation of attention.

COROLLARY: Fixed attention generates anomalies.

Most people have their attention fixated on the body and identity. This leads to fixations on survival and politics. All reactions, as in obsessive-compulsive behavior, are fixations. When you are trying to locate an anomaly, follow the trail of fixation of attention. When you are trying to resolve an anomaly, work out the anatomy of fixations involved. Illusions arise when there are fixations. When you recognize fixations for what they are, you free yourself from them.

Fixations on body appear in the belief that one is just the body. Such a person is fixated on taking care of the body. He rarely have “out-of-body” experiences. Attention gets centered on the body as new sensations are encountered; but when that attention is suppressed it gets fixated there. Attention definitely gets fixated on the body when there are shocks, accidents, and illnesses.

In Scientology, attention gets fixated on individuality when one makes an effort to resolve present and past identities. The attention naturally settles in exploring the environment. For remedies of fixated attention refer to the POSTULATES 26, 27 and 28.


[To be continued…]

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