The Postulates 26 – 30

Reference: Course on the Universe

When we apply the method of SUBJECT CLEARING to the general knowledge we inevitably end up with the following postulates. 


POSTULATE # 26: The ability to resolve anomalies increases as the viewpoint becomes broader. 

COROLLARY: The viewpoint is as broad as it is not fixated and is free to consider.

The narrowest viewpoint is one that is stuck in some mystery. The biggest mystery is when the viewpoint is unconsciousness. As the viewpoint starts to become conscious it becomes aware of the mystery. It finds itself waiting for something to come up, or happen. As it becomes aware of waiting it starts to feel anxious about its survival, and its attention gets fixated on reproducing itself. As it moves beyond the anxiety of sex, its attention gets fixated on eating. It even consumes thoughts and ideas in their literal, symbolic form. It must then overcome its fixation on  “figure-figure” type of thinking. As it moves beyond this level, it makes effort to collect data and analyze it. Beyond that it simply starts to rely on emotions. As the attention gets freed up from these fixations the viewpoint is increasingly able to see things as they are, to directly know about them, to become aware of what it does not know, and finally, to know fully.

The technique of meditation that helps this broadening of viewpoint is provided at Meditation from Mystery to Knowing. The viewpoint, ultimately, becomes free of all fixed ideas, biases, prejudices and other filters and, knows things in their totality.


POSTULATE # 27: Meditation with the discipline of mindfulness helps solve anomalies.

DEFINITION: The discipline of mindfulness helps overcome filters that one may be looking through.

Anomalies exist because the viewpoint is unable to get full and clear picture of a situation. This is partly because it is unwittingly looking through certain filters. We know these filters as prejudices, biases, fixed ideas, etc.; but the person is simply not aware of them. In meditation, the Discipline of Mindfulness allows the person to view the subject of meditation clearly without such filters. This discipline is essential when meditating on “mystery to knowing” as covered in Postulate # 26. 


POSTULATE # 28: Resolution of anomalies is further supported by Subject Clearing.

DEFINITION: Subject Clearing is detecting the basic postulates, assumptions and erroneous ideas present in a subject.

Anomalies also exist partly because the information is not sorted out fully. In the Information Age of today, there is plenty of data available, but skill is required to sort out the relevant data from deceptive, misleading and irrelevant information. One must identify what is really missing and be able to research it. A person can very quickly learn this skill by using the procedure of Subject Clearing. This procedure helps detect and clear up assumptions and erroneous ideas present in a subject. Subject clearing and meditation with the discipline of mindfulness go hand-in-hand. 


POSTULATE # 29: The attention field continues while the identities disintegrate and regenerate.

COROLLARY: The recycling of identities supports the evolution of the attention field. 

Death is the disintegration of identities into energy. From that energy new identities are generated. This recycling of identities is essential for the evolution of the attention field, which is the true self. Only the discrete identities (made up of bodies and mental matrices) die and take birth. The continuum of attention field, which is the integrated awareness of the universe, never perishes. The true eternal self is the attention field. Anomaly comes about when the self starts to believe that it is an identity. When this happens, the self gets trapped into worrying about life and death.

A soul is the idea promoted by some religions that your identity continues after death. What continues is the attention field. A religion giving hope for a finite identity to survive forever is an anomaly. One should let the identity live and die with dignity.


POSTULATE # 30: The root cause of all human troubles is the attachment to an identity (individualism).

COROLLARY: Trouble arises when individualism is given priority over the natural goals of family, groups, state, country, mankind, life, and the universe.

Ideally, the goals of an individual should be consistent with the natural goals of family, groups, state, country, mankind, life organisms, etc. When individual goals are in conflict, but still given a higher priority, then we have individualism at play. A good example of individualism is the anomalies in politics that undermine the natural growth and well being of a country. Whenever selfish intentions take priority over the welfare of family and the community, we have trouble. Peace and prosperity arise when individual goals and actions are consistent with the natural goals of family, groups, state, country, mankind, life organisms, etc.


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