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Running a Process Command

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

In Scientology, an auditor runs a process on a preclear. (NOTE: A preclear is a person who is clearing himself of psychosomatic illnesses and aberrations.) There are thousands of processes in Scientology. Here is an example of a process “MUST & MUST NOT HAPPEN”:

“Tell me some things you wouldn’t want to have happen again.”
“Tell me some things you would like to have happen again.”

The auditor asks such commands alternately and repeatedly. The preclear executes these commands. The auditor is trained in how to deliver the commands, in the auditing style to use, how to observe and monitor the preclear’s execution of command, and how to note preclear’s tone level and responses. The preclear is also trained in how to execute the command through drills called TRs.

Hubbard had lot of trouble training auditors because the mind cannot be treated in a mechanical fashion. The best approach is to teach a person to audit himself or herself with the simplest approach possible. We shall now see how the Scientology processes can be applied by the preclear using the simple approach of Subject Clearing. 

Let’s take the process above. Right away one can see that the purpose of this, or any process, is to “audit” traumatic impressions until they are assimilated in the mental matrix. These traumatic impressions have been collecting in the mind since ages.

Such traumatic impressions are unknown to the preclear because they are not assimilated and, therefore, they have not been converted into perceptions.

Most of the traumas that produced these impressions are also submerged since long ago. So, this “auditing” is basically a blind and random search.

The first rule of executing the process command is to be very gentle about it. Here the process is about “what must or must not happen.” So, you just lightly keep your attention on the command, and let the mind do its work. The moment you become anxious about coming up with the requested information it won’t work.

The first rule is to just lightly keep your attention on the command, and let the mind do its work.

There are certain unassimilated impressions that are currently active and causing your illness and aberration. You do not know anything about these impressions. There is an amazing mental matrix that exists with infinite possibilities of perceptions. You cannot search this matrix by memory. By lightly keeping your attention on the process command, you let a current flow through your matrix. If this particular current interacts with the unassimilated impressions in some way, it would let you know right away. So, you just sit back and wait for some interaction. Just be very alert.

If there is no interaction resulting from the present process within a reasonable amount of time then you need to move to a different process. The important thing is not to get anxious about the process.

There are scores of processes on each grade of Scientology. The purpose of all these processes is to find clues to the unknown assimilated impressions. Sometimes it may take just a few clues, and at other times dozens of clues to resolve an unassimilated impression.

In Scientology auditing, overrun and further complications occur because the auditor and the preclear get anxious about the process. It is better to leave a process without getting anxious if no interaction occurs. You can always come back to that process in the future.

Sometimes these processes work in a certain sequence depending on how the unassimilated impressions are stacked up in the mind. You cannot always predict the sequence in which to apply the processes. So, you have to live with some amount of trial and error.

If no interactions result from the present process then move to the next process.

The second rule is that when there is an interaction you let it play itself out without you reacting to it. If there is a reaction than treat it as if it is part of the interaction. The whole idea is to “be there and confront.”

Suppose you have light attention on “what must or must not happen” and you are relaxed and fully alert to possible interactions. The first interaction may not be in terms of some memory coming up. It could be a feeling about what you are doing. You might think that you are wasting your time with this process, that this process is not going to work, that you may never get better, that everybody else is happy, but you are miserable, etc. You just watch these feelings and thoughts play themselves out. There may be sensations, such as, feeling scratchy all over the body, feeling exhausted, body perspiring, dread in the pit of the stomach, etc. You do not resist or suppress any of these sensations and emotions. You just let them play out.

The second rule is to just let the feelings and sensations play themselves out. All you have to do is, “be there and confront.” 

You may be watching the influence of the unassimilated impression leaking into the mental matrix. It is a fascinating experience even when it makes you uncomfortable. The less you avoid or deny it, the better it is. You never know what may come up. You may even go to sleep. Just do not interfere with whatever is happening. You may ultimately be rewarded with sudden emergence of perceptions as the impression assimilates into the mental matrix.

Once you get the perceptions, that were hidden, the major struggle is over. Now you can start looking around for anomalies, and start to clean them up one by one. At other times, memories my come up by themselves in response to the process command. When that happens you don’t have to do anything like before. Just be alert for anomalies. When an anomaly shows up as something puzzling, simply subject clear whatever does not make sense. It is possible that such subject clearing may cross path with an unassimilated impression.

Once you get the perceptions start resolving the anomalies.


Light “Waves” or Energy Consistency?

Planck’s quantum of action ‘h’ shows that radiative energy is proportional to “frequency”. In case of a wave, which is a disturbance in a medium, the energy is proportional to the square of amplitude. Therefore, the electromagnetic energy cannot be a disturbance in a material medium. The frequency of energy is not a rate of disturbance; instead, it is the rate of transitions between electrical and magnetic fields. Since the speed of electromagnetic radiation is constant, its frequency is, probably, better interpreted as its consistency.

The “wave nature” of electromagnetic radiation is very different from that of a wave in water or air. An energy or light wave is neither transversal nor longitudinal.

Newton’s corpuscles and Planck-Einstein quanta are correct in the sense that light is not a disturbance in some medium, but it is something physical.

However, these corpuscles/quanta are not discrete “particles” in space; instead, they represent the consistency of energy.

Quantum doesn’t really break the sense of continuity of variables of the classical mechanics when frequency is interpreted as consistency. It does change the consideration of Maxwell’s theory, which assumes the consistency of electromagnetic energy to be constant.

Maxwell’s theory assumes the consistency of electromagnetic energy to be constant.

As consistency gets thicker there are sudden transitions possible from thinner to thicker consistency. This may give an illusion of discontinuity, but that is simply a sharp gradient.

The boundary between matter and void is not a discontinuity, but an extreme gradient in the consistency of energy.


DIANETICS: Release or Clear

Reference: Hubbard 1950: Dianetics TMSMH

These are some comments on the chapter “Release or Clear” from  DIANETICS: THE MODERN SCIENCE OF MENTAL HEALTH.


Comments on
Release or Clear

Dianetics lays down the milestones of “release” and “clear,” but these are quite general. Actually, a person improves on a gradient. His unwanted conditions get handled as he improves. The improvement continues beyond any “milestones.” In fact, there is no limit to improvement. 

The improvement occurs in terms of clearing a person’s upsets, pain, psychosomatic illnesses, fixed ideas, aberrations, and general ignorance.

Hubbard insists that a clear has complete recall of everything which has ever happened to him or anything he has ever studied. It is not quite that simple. The memory is not a recording of perceptions that get stored in the mind. The sensations from environment simply get assimilated in a mental matrix in real time and become perceptions. Memories are the reconstruction of perceptions on ad hoc basis. The clearer is the mind the more precise is the reconstruction. 

There is no ready made storage  of memories in the mind. Actual memories are ad hoc reconstruction of perceptions in the mental matrix.

The sensations of traumatic experience do not get assimilated, and therefore, they never become perceptions in the first place. Traumatic sensations remain in the mind as unassimilated impressions. There is no memory of them. The whole idea of clearing is assimilating such sensations when one does not even know what they are. This is tricky. It is only upon their assimilation that one becomes aware of them.

Clearing is the process of assimilating unknown sensations of traumatic experiences. It results in the improvement of personal condition.

Dianetics “clear” is an idealized state imagined for an individual. It has never been realized in Dianetics or Scientology. Dianetics “release” is a state of release from an unwanted condition. It is an improved personal condition.

The goal of clearing is to fully assimilate the mental matrix, such that no unassimilated impressions are left.

That is why it is very important to clear up all your schooling and earlier education. The bottom line is Subject Clearing. In the process of subject clearing all unwanted conditions are cleared too.


DIANETICS: The Mind’s Protection

Reference: Hubbard 1950: Dianetics TMSMH

These are some comments on the chapter “The Mind’s Protection” from  DIANETICS: THE MODERN SCIENCE OF MENTAL HEALTH.


Comments on
The Mind’s Protection

It has been known for centuries that when one is in a secure environment and does not interfere with the mind, then the mind takes care of itself by gently unwinding its stress. That is why meditation has been successful over the centuries.

The mind is a self-protecting mechanism as long as it is not interfered with. Many of older practices of psychiatry and hypnotism have been injurious to the mind when they have heavily interfered with it. Basically this chapter is saying that Dianetics is safe to apply because it is designed not to interfere with the mind. But it does not mean that Dianetics cannot be injurious when it is misapplied.

Dianetics cautions one against the use of drugs and hypnotism. It also has a theory that provides one with a better understanding of the mind. However, Dianetics is much safer when its principles are applied by oneself in meditation, rather than getting audited by another. The recommended approach is Subject Clearing.

The goal of Dianetics is to assimilate the unknown sensations from the traumas in one’s life. 

These sensations are unknown because they do not become perceptions until they are assimilated. Therefore, it requires certain skill to sort out these sensations while still in the dark. Subject Clearing provides a simple but very effective approach to applying the Dianetic techniques. A person can safely apply the meditative and contemplative approach of subject clearing to heal oneself. 

The comments in the subsequent chapters examines the Dianetics techniques for their use through the subject clearing approach. 



The remaining axioms of Dianetics are now presented here. These axioms were put together by Hubbard to demonstrate the preciseness of Dianetics.


DN AXIOM 151: Whether an organism has the goal of surviving or succumbing depends upon the amount of plus or minus randomity it has reactivated. (Not residual.)

DN AXIOM 152: Survival is accomplished only by motion.

DN AXIOM 153: In the physical universe the absence of motion is vanishment.

DN AXIOM 154: Death is the equivalent to life of total lack of life-motivated motion.

DN AXIOM 155: Acquisition of prosurvival matter and energy or organisms in space and time means increased motion.

DN AXIOM 156: Loss of prosurvival matter and energy or organisms in space and time means decreased motion.

DN AXIOM 157: Acquisition or proximity of matter, energy or organisms which assist the survival of an organism increases the survival potentials of an organism.

DN AXIOM 158: Acquisition or proximity of matter, energy or organisms which inhibit the survival of an organism decreases its survival potential.

DN AXIOM 159: Gain of survival energy, matter or organisms increases the freedom of an organism.

DN AXIOM 160: Receipt or proximity of non-survival energy, matter or time decreases the freedom of motion of an organism.

DN AXIOM 161: The control center attempts the halting or lengthening of time, the expansion or contraction of space and the decrease or increase of energy and matter.

This is a primary source of invalidation, and it is also a primary source of aberration.

DN AXIOM 162: Pain is the balk of effort by counter-effort in great intensity, whether that effort is to remain at rest or in motion.

DN AXIOM 163: Perception, including pain, can be exhausted from an area of plus or minus randomity, still leaving the effort and counter-effort of that plus or minus randomity.

DN AXIOM 164: The rationality of the mind depends upon an optimum reaction toward time.

DEFINITION: Sanity, the computation of futures.

DEFINITION: Neurotic, the computation of present time only.

DEFINITION: Psychotic, computation only of past situations.

DN AXIOM 165: Survival pertains only to the future.

COROLLARY: Succumb pertains only to the present and past.


DIANETICS: Preventive Dianetics

Reference: Hubbard 1950: Dianetics TMSMH

These are some comments on the chapter “Preventive Dianetics” from  DIANETICS: THE MODERN SCIENCE OF MENTAL HEALTH.


Comments on
Preventive Dianetics

When one knows the cause of aberration and psychosomatic illness, he can do a great deal toward preventing them. The cause are engrams. When an engram has verbal content, it becomes most severely aberrative. When it contains antagonism on an emotional level, it becomes very destructive. When it is intensely pro-survival in content it is most certainly capable of thoroughly deranging a life. Understanding engrams, we may prevent them or, at least, hold them to minimal content.

Engrams are traumatic sensations of shock, injury and confusion that did not get assimilated. They manifest as aberrations and psychosomatic illnesses only when restimulated continually. 

Engrams can make one accident prone. Preventive Dianetics addresses this problem in two phases: first the prevention of engrams, and second, the prevention of the key-in. 

Engrams are prevented by maintaining silence in the presence of injury. Do what has to be done for the injured and do it in silence. Maintain silence in the presence of birth. Say nothing while a person is being operated upon. Say nothing when there is a street accident. Don’t talk! To speak, no matter what is said, is to threaten his sanity. And the maintaining of silence does not mean a volley of “Sh’s,” for those make stammerers. 

The maintenance of silence around any “unconscious” or injured person is second in importance only to preventing the “unconsciousness” in the first place.

Preventive Dianetics, in the sphere of the home, must place emphasis on the woman in order to safeguard the child. A woman who is pregnant should be given every consideration. If she falls, she should be helped—but silently. She must not be expected to carry heavy things. Women who lead peasant lives, doing heavy labor, are subject to all manner of accident. When it is known that any injury to the mother can create an engram in the unborn child, it should be the concern of all those present during such an injury, including the mother, to maintain a complete and utter silence. Any remark is aberrative in an engram.

The mother, then, should be extremely gentle on herself during pregnancy and those around her should be entirely informed of the necessity for silence after any jar or injury.

Preventive Dianetics, then, on the level of the individual, asks for cleared parents and then precaution against the aberrating of the child, and further precaution against the keying-in of any aberration the child might have received. Key-in is prevented by providing a calm and harmonious atmosphere which is not restimulative. If the child appears to be restimulated despite kindly treatment, he can be removed to another environment. Drooling sympathy, when the child is sick or hurt, should be avoided.

A kind, affectionate and unrestimulative environment is necessary for a child’s growth. 



The next ten axioms of Dianetics are also presented here. These axioms were put together by Hubbard to demonstrate the preciseness of Dianetics. Revisions are proposed based on consistency with Buddhism.


DN AXIOM 141: A control center effort is aligned toward a goal through definite space as a recognized incident in time.

The mental matrix forms the control center of the organism. It operates optimally when in sync with the natural laws. Its primary goal is to evolve by resolving anomalies as it comes across them. 


DN AXIOM 142: An organism is as healthy and sane as it is self-determined.

The environmental control of the organism motor controls inhibits the organism’s ability to change with the changing environment, since the organism will attempt to carry forward with one set of responses when it needs by self-determinism to create another to survive in another environment.

Everything operates according to the laws of nature. The environment seems to control the organism only when the organism is unable to assimilate the effects of the environment. That is an anomaly.

DN AXIOM 142 (Proposed): An organism is as healthy and sane as it is able to resolve anomalies in real time.


DN AXIOM 143: All learning is accomplished by random effort.

At the beginning of evolution, learning was accomplished by random efforts of trial and error. As natural laws evolved, the effort became mainly to understand and apply the natural laws. Random effort was required only when natural laws needed to be extended to resolve anomalies fully. 

DN AXIOM 143 (Proposed): All learning is accomplished by knowing natural laws and resolving anomalies.


DN AXIOM 144: A counter-effort producing sufficient plus or minus randomity to record is recorded with an index of space and time as hidden as the remainder of its content.

Anything not assimilated in the mental matrix will appear to be hidden. “Recording” exists only in the form of unassimilated traumatic sensations. Space and time index is assigned only upon assimilation.


DN AXIOM 145: A counter-effort producing sufficient plus or minus randomity when activated by re-stimulation exerts itself against the environment or the organism without regard to space and time, except reactivated perceptions.

A counter-effort producing sufficient plus or minus randomity is actually the traumatic sensation that did not get assimilated. Therefore, when activated, it generates the same counter-efforts as were originally felt by the organism, without regard to space and time.


DN AXIOM 146: Counter-efforts are directed out from the organism until they are further enrandomed by the environ at which time they again activate against the control center.

Restimulation of counter-efforts makes the organism behave the same way as before, even when the environment is now different. So, additional misalignments come about that the control center must handle.


DN AXIOM 147: An organism’s mind employs counter-efforts effectively only so long as insufficient plus or minus randomity exists to hide differentiation of the facsimiles created.

The control center sends out effective guidance to the organism as long as the mental matrix is not overwhelmed by the intensity of restimulated counter-efforts.


DN AXIOM 148: Physical laws are learned by life energy only by impingement of the physical universe producing randomity, and a withdrawal from that impingement.

The laws of the universe are learned when anomalies are properly recognized and resolved.


DN AXIOM 149: Life depends upon an alignment of force vectors in the direction of survival and the nullification of force vectors in the direction of succumb in order to survive.

COROLLARY: Life depends upon an alignment of force vectors in the direction of succumb and the nullification of force vectors in the direction of survive in order to succumb.

The ultimate goal is evolution. Survive and succumb depends upon whether the organism is able to resolve anomalies or not.


DN AXIOM 150: Any area of randomity gathers to it situations similar to it which do not contain actual efforts but only perceptions.

An area of randomity is an area of misalignment and confusion. It gathers to it similar perceptions by association.


Summary of Axioms

The mental matrix forms the control center of the organism. Its primary goal is to evolve by being fully aware of the natural laws and to keep learning by resolving anomalies in real time. The environment seems to control the organism only when the organism fails to assimilate the effects of the environment. Anything not assimilated is hidden from awareness, but it upsets the functioning of the organism and generates anomalies. Resolution of anomalies assimilates the effects of the environment.

An organism is as healthy and sane as it is able to resolve anomalies in real time.