The Postulates 16 – 20

Reference: Course on the Universe

When we apply the method of SUBJECT CLEARING to the general knowledge we inevitably end up with the following postulates. 


POSTULATE # 16: The universe is one, so it is continuous throughout, and all its dimensions are harmonious among themselves with no inconsistencies.

COROLLARY: All parts of the universe are continuous, harmonious and consistent.

The universe is “continuous throughout” means that there is continuity between matter and space at the boundary of an object even when the object appears to be discrete (see POSTULATE # 11). All dimensions of the universe are continuous as well. There are no gaps or breaks.

Different properties, such as, mass, volume, color, etc., may seem to belong to different dimensions, but in an object, all such properties exist in complete harmony with each other. Therefore the relationships among them may be represented by mathematical formulas.

Any part of the universe is consistent with any other part. If there appears to be an inconsistency between parts of the universe then some perception or understanding is missing. The error should be found and corrected.


POSTULATE # 17: Like all material forms in the universe, the human body also contain inertia, motion and force.

COROLLARY: The imbalance between inertia and motion generates internal force.

There is a definite relationship between inertia and motion (see POSTULATE # 12). An object of infinite inertia shall have no absolute motion even when it appears to have relative motion. On the same principle, an energy form of no inertia shall have infinite motion on the absolute scale.  The principle is: the higher is the inertia of the form, the lesser is its absolute motion. Light has little inertia and, therefore, its motion is very high. Matter has high inertia, and, therefore, its motion has a very low range compared to the motion of light.  

Any imbalance between inertia and motion appears to give rise to force, and the motion of the form may be controlled through control of its inertia. This principle may underlie in controlling the motion of the UFOs. The ratio of change in motion to change in inertia appears to be the “square of the speed of light.” Thus, it takes infinitesimal shifts in inertia to control the motion of the UFO. The change in inertia must apply to the UFO and its occupants for intense accelerations not to be felt by the occupants.

All animation in the body is most likely produced by infinitesimal shifts in inertia. This may be the leverage that thought energy has over physical energy. 

If we look at a system, which contains both push and pull, its overall motion changes little unless its inertia also changes. Therefore, “relative motion” among planets contributes in a good measure to the “illusion” of reality that we encounter.


POSTULATE # 18: The human viewpoint starts out being centered on the human body but expands from there.

COROLLARY: The viewpoint can locate itself anywhere within the attention field.

The viewpoint was introduced in the explanation under the POSTULATE # 10. There is no viewpoint until the universe has evolved to the point of self-awareness at the level of humans. Therefore, self-awareness is not an inherent characteristic of the universe. Self-awareness is an outcome of evolution operating on certain natural principles. It also means that humans have not departed from some “ideal state” at the beginning of the universe. Humans are simply charting a new evolutionary path.

At first, the viewpoint is centered on the body when the body is born and its attention is on growing the body. During the childhood the attention moves out in the attention field surrounding the body (see the POSTULATE # 9). The child can easily visualize from a viewpoint outside the body. “Out-of-body” experiences come about naturally. Such experiences simply mean that the viewpoint has ceased to be fixated on the body. 

In cultures, where attention remains fixated on the body for one reason or another, the natural development of “out-of-body” experiences is suppressed. But, even in such cultures, near-death experiences of exteriorization are common. Such experiences have led to the belief in ‘eternal soul’. Such beliefs get further embellished with ideas of heaven and hell, and give rise to religions. 

The human viewpoint can free itself from fixations on the body and be at any point in the attention field while alive. In a limited sense, we are familiar with such “out-of-body” views through the faculty of visualization. But such views may become very real with concentration.


POSTULATE # 19: The viewpoint reflects the general state of the mental matrix that fills the attention field.

COROLLARY: The viewpoint can move freely in the attention field.

Attention has to do with interest. Its range depends on the range of interest within the field of perception. In animals, the attention field extends to varying distances from their body and it is focused on eating and survival. The attention field in humans is much more complex and has many dimensions. The human attention field may extend out of the body to cover the entire universe.

The attention helps generate perceptions. The five major perceptions are: vision, sound, touch, taste, smell. These perceptions are received, integrated together and assimilated in the mental matrix. The mental matrix derives the impressions of the environment through these perceptions. It extends throughout the attention field filling it with these impressions. It tries to construct the impressions to reflect the environment as accurately as possible. Any gaps in impressions are filled through tentative projections.

The viewpoint represents the general state of the mental matrix. It is free to move anywhere in the vast attention field and view from there. The human viewpoint can perceive not only with the five physical senses, but it also uses its mental faculties of evaluation, visualization and projection to perceive in many more dimensions. However, it tends to get fixated in those locations where perceptions are not fully assimilated and anomalies exist.


POSTULATE # 20: The purpose of the human viewpoint is to evolve into the universal viewpoint.

COROLLARY: The human viewpoint evolves by resolving anomalies (discontinuities, disharmonies and inconsistencies).

The universal viewpoint is achieved when the attention field has expanded to the size of the universe and it is filled with accurate impressions of the entire universe. Just like the universe, the impressions in the attention field are also continuous, harmonious and consistent (see the POSTULATE # 16). The mental matrix of the universal viewpoint is assimilated throughout, and it quickly assimilates all incoming perceptions. 

The human attention field is nearly as large as the universe, but it consists of many anomalies in its impressions. It has focused mainly on the physical aspects of the universe; the metaphysical aspects are not integrated into the picture. In most humans the viewpoint still needs to free itself from fixation on the body. The fixation exists because the scientific focus has been on the physical aspects of the body and the metaphysical aspects are not integrated into that understanding. The is the biggest anomaly to be resolved at the moment.

The logic of the universal viewpoint is based on the continuity, harmony and consistency of the universe. This is the logic needed to evolve the human viewpoint toward the universal viewpoint. All these postulates are written to reveal the continuity, harmony and consistency of the universe. They represent the “universal viewpoint” as closely as possible. The scientific method also attempts to represent the universal viewpoint by noticing and resolving discontinuities, disharmonies and inconsistencies. 


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