Course on Subject Clearing

Subject Clearing

  1. The Future of Education
  2. Introduction to Subject Clearing (new)
  3. Studying a Subject (new)
  4. Word Meanings (new)
  5. Comments & Discussions (new)
  6. Key Word List & Glossary (new)
  7. Visualization Exercise (new)
  8. Discipline of Subject Clearing (new)
  9. Subject: Human Condition (new)
  10. Subject: DIANETICS (new)
  11. Subject: Unwanted Condition
  12. Subject: Enlightenment
  13. Subject: The Universe


Self-Learning Clinics

Self-Learning Clinics

The SLC Policies

Self-Learning Diagnostic #1

Self-Learning Diagnostic #2

Supervising Self-learning

Continuing the Research

Abstract Thinking

Education and Self-Learning



  1. Education and the Mind
  2. Research & Contemplation
  3. Black and White Thinking
  4. Running a Process Command
  5. The Evolution of Dianetics
  6. Meditating on a Key Word
  7. Selecting a Subject
  8. Subject: Human Condition (old)
  9. Subject: SELF


Comments on Books

Hubbard 1948: The Original Thesis

Hubbard 1950: Dianetics TMSMH

Hubbard 1953: Scientology 8-8008

Hubbard 1954: The Phoenix Lectures


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