Course on Subject Clearing

1. Mind: The Matrix Model

2. Education and the Mind

3. Self-Learning and Assimilation

4. Subjects that do not Make Sense

5. Studying a Subject

6. Key Word Clearing

7. General Study

8. Visualization

9. Visualization Exercise

10. Subject Glossary

11. Research & Contemplation

12. The Law of Non-Interference

13. The Law of Mindfulness

14. Mindfulness Discussions

15. Confusion & Understanding

16. Self-Learning Clinics

17. Review: Mindful Subject Clearing

18. Review: Word Clearing


KHTK Processes

Many uncomfortable feelings, emotions, pains and sensations may come up during Subject Clearing. Mindfulness meditation is an easy but long-term remedy. Following processes are recommended as quick remedies.

1. Handling Deep-seated Regrets


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