The Postulates 21 – 25

Reference: Course on the Universe

When we apply the method of SUBJECT CLEARING to the general knowledge we inevitably end up with the following postulates. 


POSTULATE # 21: The basic self is the attention field that encompasses the bodies and their mental matrices.

COROLLARY: The body and its mental matrix form an identity that has a viewpoint.

The attention field is not discrete—it exists as a single continuum. Within this continuum exist the discrete identities formed out of bodies and their mental matrices. The body acts as the interface between Akasha and the Attention field.  The mental matrix sorts out he metaphysical energy converted from the physical energy of Akasha by the body. The essential function of the identity is to build up the the attention field—the basic self—such that it reflects the universe of Akasha.

Christianity has the concept of a spiritual soul separable from the physical body based on “out-of-body” experiences. But the “out-of-body” experiences occur when the viewpoint of the identity is no longer fixated on the body and it can move around in the attention field outside the body. The “soul” is essentially the viewpoint of an identity. We think that we are these discrete viewpoints of identities, but the true self is the continuum of the attention field. 


POSTULATE # 22: The body forms the interface between the universal field of Akasha and the Attention field. 

COROLLARY: The body converts physical energy of Akasha into metaphysical energy of the Attention field.

Body’s sense organs interact with the external “physical” energy of Akasha and produce electro-chemical signals that travel to the cells of the body. The cells transform these electro-chemical signals into internal “metaphysical” energy to be assimilated by the mental matrix into perceptions. The mental matrix then directs the body to interact with the environment in specific ways to resolve anomalies in perceptions. These actions of the body as directed by the mental matrix are called ‘karma’. ‘Karma’ ceases when the anomalies in the mental matrix are resolved. The body thus serves as the “physical-metaphysical” interface.


POSTULATE # 23: The mental matrix assimilates the metaphysical energy from the body into its matrix of perceptions.

COROLLARY: The anomalies in the matrix continually generate instructions for the body to act in a way to resolve them.

The mental matrix surrounds the body as an aura. It assimilates the incoming “metaphysical” energy with the existing stored energy to generate perceptions in real time. The assimilation merges alike perceptions together. Gaps among perceptions are filled with ‘tentative’ projections along with the generation of perplexities, doubts and questions. These then initiate actions to resolve the anomalies. 

This assimilation also leads to the formation of concepts and general notions that are retained to speed up subsequent assimilations. This is the function called “intellect”. The perceptions that are fully assimilated become continuous, harmonious and consistent like the universe they are reflecting. Such perceptions may be called “wisdom”.  They become part of the attention field. The purpose of the mental matrix is to strengthen the attention field by resolving all anomalies.


POSTULATE # 24: The attention field is the outcome of assimilation of all the mental matrices in the universe.

COROLLARY: The purpose of the attention field is to reflect the universe of Akasha in its entirety.

All identities (bodies and mental matrices) in the universe are working towards building the attention field. As their perceptions are assimilated they become part of the attention field. So, underlying all the discrete identities we have the continuum of attention field. We may say that the attention field is essentially observing the Akasha and duplicating it through all the identities. 

The Akasha is continuous, harmonious and consistent, and so is the Attention field in its perception, and this forms the basis of the metaphysics of logic. Both Akasha and Attention field last for the duration of the universal cycle. 


POSTULATE # 25: The discrete identities are just the temporary aspects of self. The actual self is the continuous attention field. 

COROLLARY: The identities disintegrate and reintegrate, but the attention field continues as the core of self.

The identities are impermanent in that they take birth, they grow, they get old and die. When identities die they disintegrate into atoms and monads. These atoms and monads then reintegrate into new identities. Thus comes about the process of birth. No identity ever continues forever. The only permanent aspect is the attention field. The attention field participates neither in death, nor in birth. It simply continues as the basis of self. The whole purpose of death and birth of identities is for the physical-metaphysical interface to continue to evolve. This interface is there to build up the attention field.

Knowing yourself is an ever continuing process that doesn’t stop with death. It is not a stretch to say that all of us may, ultimately, share the same basic self. This confirms the ancient view expressed in the Vedas. 


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