Summary of the Postulates

Reference: Course on the Universe

When we apply the method of SUBJECT CLEARING to the general knowledge we inevitably end up with the following postulates. 


POSTULATE # 1: The universe is not just physical; it is metaphysical too. The universe includes everything whether physical, metaphysical, real, imaginary, postulated or speculated. Nothing is excluded from the universe.

COROLLARY: The universe includes everything that we observe and experience as body, mind and spirit and maybe more.


POSTULATE # 2: The fabric of the universe is “raw energy” (physical element) activated by innate “raw impulse” (metaphysical element).

DEFINITION: Energy is the basic substance of the universe, which appears as a field that gradually condenses into matter.

DEFINITION: The innate impulse appears as the activity of energy, such as, the “speed of light,” which gets increasingly complex as energy condenses.


POSTULATE # 3: The universe manifests itself and then un-manifests itself in a cyclical fashion.

COROLLARY: The universe has neither an absolute beginning, nor an absolute end.


POSTULATE # 4: The cyclical nature of the universe is described by the passage of time. 

COROLLARY: The passage of time is expressed through change and motion.


POSTULATE # 5: The ultimate Time is the backdrop of eternity that makes the passage of time apparent. 

COROLLARY: Eternity may be described as “forever” and the state of “absolute rest”. 


POSTULATE # 6: The cycle of the universe starts as a universal field of raw impulse and energy called Akasha. 

COROLLARY: All forms in the universe evolve from condensation due to innate attractive attributes of Akasha.


POSTULATE # 7: The condensation of Akasha leads to the formation of atoms and monads.

DEFINITION: An atom is a vortex of energy that increasingly condenses in the direction of its nucleus.

DEFINITION: A monad is an influence that spreads out from the atom and interacts with the monads of other atoms. 


POSTULATE # 8: The electronic configuration of atoms condenses further into complex chemical configuration of molecules.

COROLLARY: The monads develop into complex electrical, magnetic and electronic influences that make primitive computations possible. 


POSTULATE # 9: The configurations of atoms and molecules evolve further to generate complex material life forms. 

COROLLARY: The influences develop into attention field with matrix of impressions for sensing and coordinating purposes.


POSTULATE # 10: As the material life forms evolve from mammals to humans they develop a completely new ability of awareness.

COROLLARY: The attention field and its matrix of impressions develop into a mind that possesses a viewpoint on its unique identity.


POSTULATE # 11: The space is more than the awareness of the visible material forms and the distances between them. The space describes the extents of the invisible energy.

COROLLARY: The character of space is determined by the level of condensation of energy that occupies it.


POSTULATE # 12: The time is more than the awareness of changes of locations in space. The time describes the duration of the invisible energy and the visible matter.

COROLLARY: Infinite duration at a location in space defines absolute rest. Lesser durations imply motion.


POSTULATE # 13: The cause-effect is a dimension of the universe that describes the direction in which evolution is taking place.

COROLLARY: There is nothing outside the universe that could have caused or created the universe.


POSTULATE # 14: The universal impulse-energy field of Akasha evolves as the spiritual-physical dimension of the universe.

COROLLARY: Neither physical is the product of spiritual, nor spiritual is the product of physical, because the two aspects lie on the same dimension.


POSTULATE # 15: All dualities in human experience may be expanded as the dimensions of awareness.

COROLLARY: A dimension may be represented by a scale that extends to infinity in either direction.


POSTULATE # 16: The universe is one, so it is continuous throughout, and all its dimensions are harmonious among themselves with no inconsistencies.

COROLLARY: All parts of the universe are continuous, harmonious and consistent.


POSTULATE # 17: Like all material forms in the universe, the human body also contain inertia, motion and force.

COROLLARY: The imbalance between inertia and motion generates internal force.


POSTULATE # 18: The human viewpoint starts out being centered on the human body but expands from there.

COROLLARY: The viewpoint can locate itself anywhere within the attention field.


POSTULATE # 19: The viewpoint reflects the general state of the mental matrix that fills the attention field.

COROLLARY: The viewpoint can move freely in the attention field.


POSTULATE # 20: The purpose of the human viewpoint is to evolve into the universal viewpoint.

COROLLARY: The human viewpoint evolves by resolving anomalies (discontinuities, disharmonies and inconsistencies).


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