The Core of Subject Clearing

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

The Core

The core of Subject Clearing is the following idea:

The fastest and guaranteed method to discover and resolve the earliest holes in the understanding of a subject is to follow the logic of that subject.

The first logical step is an understanding of why a subject is there. This may be grasped from the title of that subject. For example, ARITHMETIC is the title of a subject. The root meaning of the word “arithmetic” is: “skill with numbers.” So, the subject of arithmetic is there to help one develop skill with numbers.

The next logical step is to understand the postulate on which that subject is based. The subject of ARITHMETIC is based on the postulate that all things can be counted or measured. Therefore, arithmetic starts with COUNTING and NUMBERS.

Counting naturally develops into the skill of ADDITION. The opposite of addition is SUBTRACTION. These are the first two skills to master.

Repeated addition develops into the skill of MULTIPLICATION. The opposite of multiplication is DIVISION. These are the next two skills to master.

Repeated multiplication develops into POWER displayed through the use of exponents. The opposite of power is LOGARITHM with a certain base. Use of these are additional skills.

This sequence of skills provides us with a dimension in which the subject of arithmetic has logically developed.


Development of a Subject and Key words

The logical development of a subject is encased in the key concepts of that subject. These concepts are expressed through words that form the terminology of that subject. We may call them KEY WORDS. Such key words may be arranged according to the logical development of the subject.

Some of the key words of the subject of Arithmetic are capitalized above. These key words may be arranged in a logical order as follows:


The key words above provide only one dimension of the subject of Arithmetic. Another dimension could be presented as follows:


The understanding of later concepts depends on the understanding of earlier concepts. The earlier is a key word in the logical development of a subject that is not understood or misunderstood, the deeper is the hole it creates. It has the most disastrous consequences when misapplied.

When the key words of a subject are available in a logical order with correct definitions, one can rapidly recognize the holes one has in the understanding of that subject, and make rapid progress in understanding it fully. 

Subject clearing is all about clearing one’s holes in the understanding of a subject by studying its key words in a logical order.

One should always clear up the basics of a subject first before trying to understand the later details.


Missing Key words and Definitions

We, at first, encounter subjects that are formally introduced to us in schools. It may be easy to figure out the logical order of their key words. But there are many other subjects that we encounter later, such as those associated with job skills, like doctor, engineer, lawyer, etc. There are also many life skills, like communicating, problem solving, mindfulness, etc., which are very important subjects to understand.

The above approach of subject clearing applies to any subject you can think of. Many subjects, however, are riddled with assumptions and false data. They have either missing key words, or missing correct definitions for those key words. To understand these subject, one would also have to figure out the missing key words and correct definitions. 

Subject Clearing also detects and handles holes in the subject itself, but more on that later.

For now we shall focus on schooling.


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