Mathematics Overview

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This video provides an Overview of Mathematics in clear and precise terms.

What are the basic parts of MATHEMATICS?

The basic parts of MATHEMATICS are:




In Arithmetic we learn about numbers and how to add, subtract, multiply and divide them. The word ARITHMETIC literally means “number skill.”


Find the total of 97 pennies and 64 pennies.

  1. Imagine two stacks of 97 and 64 pennies.
  2. Transfer 3 pennies from the 64-penny stack to 97-penny stack.
  3. You now have two stacks of 100 and 61 pennies
  4. We can add this quickly as 161 pennies.
  5. Therefore, the sum of 97 and 64 is 161.

One learns many such number skills in Arithmetic.



In Geometry, we study the relationships in space so we can build things. The word GEOMETRY literally means “to measure land.”


Using angles one can find the height of a tree from a distance.

  1. We move to a certain distance from the tree.
  2. We then measure the angle of sight to the top of the tree.
  3. We move to a place where this angle is 45 degrees.
  4. Then distance from the tree plus your height will be same as the height of the tree.

One learns many such relationships in Geometry.


What is ALGEBRA?

In Algebra, we use relationships to figure out unknown values. The word ALGEBRA literally means “binding together.”


Find the relationship between Sam and his mother’s age.

  1. When Sam was born his mother was 30 years old.
  2. When Sam was 5, his mother was 35 years old.
  3. When Sam was 10, his mother was 40 years old.
  4. Sam’s mother will always be 30 years older than Sam.
  5. When Sam is ‘x’ years old, his mother would be ‘x + 30’ years old.
  6. Therefore, when Sam is 40 years old, his mother would be 70 years old.

One learns many such relationships in Algebra.


Check your Understanding

1. What are the main parts of Mathematics?

The main parts of mathematics are Arithmetic, Geometry and Algebra.


2. Which part of mathematics do you study first in your childhood?

We study Arithmetic or “number skill” first in our childhood.


3. What is Geometry useful for?

Geometry is useful for measuring things in space, such as lengths, widths, heights, and directions.


4. How is Algebra different from Arithmetic?

Arithmetic teaches skill with numbers. Algebra helps to find an unknown value from a given relationship.


Final Thought

Mathematics is one subject. But it can be understood quickly by looking at parts of it more closely.


Here is an interesting video:


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