Middle School Review


Reference: Remedial Math

For application by the student

Lesson 1: Number to Integer

Exercise: Problems from Dubb (Word problems)


Lesson 2: Terms & Expression

Exercise: Problems from Dubbs (Word problems)


Lesson 3: Factoring

Exercise: Factoring Problems from Dubb

Prime Factors

Common Prime Factors

Greatest Common Divisor

Least Common Multiple

Word Problems


Lesson 4: Fractions

Exercise: Fraction Problems from Dubb

Integer to Fraction

Mixed Number to Improper Fraction

Improper Fraction to Mixed number

Reducing Fraction to a Denominator

Reducing Fraction to Lowest Terms

Reducing Fraction to LCM & GCD

Addition of Fractions

Subtraction of Fractions

Multiplication of Fractions

Multiplication Word Problems

Division of Fractions

Finding Part of a Number

Reducing Complex Fractions

Complex Fraction Word Problems

Word Problems for Fractions


Lesson 5: Decimals

Exercise: Decimal Problems from Dubb

Writing Decimals

Reading Decimals

Decimals to Common Fractions

Common Fractions to Decimals

Addition of Decimals

Subtraction of Decimals

Multiplication of Decimals

Division of Decimals


Lesson 6: Review of Basics

Make yourself familiar with these basics

Real Numbers

The Basics of Math

Additional Math Concepts

Equations & Transposition




To be used for students needing more details.

MS B1 Mixed Operations

MS B2 Integers

MS B3 Factors

MS B4 Frac Props

MS B5 Frac Ops

MS B6 Decimals


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