Remedial Math Level 1


Primary School Review


Lecture 1: What is Mathematics?

Lecture 2: Math Overview


Lesson 1: Arithmetic & Numbers

Test Examples on Notation

Lesson 2: Addition (as the Gap Method)

DRILL: Gap to Next Ten

DRILL: Gap Method for Addition

Addition Problems from Dubb

ANSWERS (Article 19)

Lesson 3: Subtraction (as Reverse Addition)

Subtraction Problems from Dubb

ANSWERS (Article 26)

Lesson 4: Multiplication (as Repeated Addition)

Multiplication Problems from Dubb

ANSWERS (Article 31)

Lesson 5: Division (as Short & Long Division)

Short Division Problems from Dubb

ANSWERS (Article 41)

Long Division Problems from Dubb

ANSWERS (Article 42)


Program 1: A Level 1 Math Program



MS A1 Numbers

MS A2 Addition

MS A3 Subtraction

MS A4 Multiplication

MS A5 Division



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