Primary School Review


Reference: Remedial Math

For application by the tutor

Lecture 1: What is Mathematics?

Lecture 2: Math Overview

Activity 3: Diagnostics


Lesson 1: Numbers

Exercise: Reading Numbers from Dubb 

Exercise: Writing Numbers from Dubb 


Lesson 2: Addition

Exercise: Addition Problems from Dubb


Lesson 3: Multiplication

Exercise: Multiplication Problems from Dubb


Lesson 4: Subtraction

Exercise: Subtraction Problems from Dubb

Exercise: Integer Problems from Dubb


Lesson 5: Division

Exercise: Short Division Problems from Dubb

Exercise: Long Division Problems from Dubb

Exercise: Arithmetic Expression Problems from Dubbs


Lesson 6: Units

Exercise: Problems on Units from Dubb

Long Measure

Square Measure


Cubic Measure

Time Measure

Miscellaneous Tables

Promiscous Examples

Addition of Compound Numbers

Subtraction of Compound Numbers

Time between two Dates

Time in Days between Two Dates

Multiplication of Compound Numbers

Division of Compound Numbers



Table for the Units of Measure


Program 1: A Level 1 Math Program

To be used for a summary review of Level 1.



To be used for children needing more details.

MS A1 Numbers

MS A2 Addition

MS A3 Subtraction

MS A4 Multiplication

MS A5 Division



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