Selecting the Subject to Clear

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

Subject clearing starts with selecting a subject to clear. In school we study many subjects. Some of them are really important for our career path. Similarly, there are life skills important for our success. This gives us a list of subjects to clear.

One should clear these subjects in the order that they are taking up one’s attention.

You probably know the subject you would like to study. But you may find that your attention is stuck back in subjects that you had trouble with in the past. It is advisable to recover all that attention first before you devoting your time to studying the subject of your interest. You want to clear up those subjects only to the point that your attention is no longer stuck on them. 


Make a Complete List

Your first step is to make a list of all the subjects that you struggled with. Broadly, the basic subjects are language, grammar and mathematics, but these may be broken down into specific subjects that you remember.

Keep listing the subject until you feel that the list is complete. You will feel much better at this point because you know that all your earlier confusion is confined to this list of subjects.


Arrange the List in Order

Arrange this list in the order you would like to clear up these subjects.

To do this, look up the derivation of the subject titles one by one in the order listed. Make sure you settle with the root meaning of each subject title. For example, the root meaning of the title ARITHMETIC is “skill with numbers.” You do this until you understand the basic purpose of having each subject.

Now rearrange this list in the order these subjects are important to you.


Clear up the Basic Postulate

Take up each subject one by one in the order listed, and determine the most basic idea that subject is based on. For example, the subject of arithmetic is based on the idea of counting and measuring. You do this until you understand the basic postulate underlying each subject.

Now rearrange this list in the order you attention goes to these subjects.


Clear up the Basic Key Words

Take up each subject one by one in the order listed, and do the following.

  1. Make a list of key words for the subject that you remember. Do this until the list is complete.
  2. Arrange the key words in a logical order that makes sense to you.
  3. Clear up the meaning of each word starting from its derivation.

Repeat these steps for a subject until your attention is fully handled on that subject before you move on to the next subject.

Complete the whole list of subjects this way.


Handle Stuck Attention

Start all over once again with the list of subjects you struggled with. Strike out the subjects you no longer have attention on. Add new subjects that you now have attention on. You may now broaden you list of subjects to subjects other than school subjects.

Repeat the procedure above.



By following the procedure above, you may, ultimately, end up with subject(s) that you are really interested in learning in detail. Here you may even get into researching these subjects. We shall get into that aspect later. 

You may find that as the mind starts to clear up its persisting confusions and questions, the mental and physical health also starts to improve—sometimes miraculously.


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