The L Rundowns

The above is some interesting data on the L Rundowns of Scientology.

The Ls are the ultimate processes in Scientology that drill into the mind as fast as possible and resolve some of its aberrations as quickly as possible. Scientology charges you hundreds of thousands of dollars for the three L Rundowns (L10, L11 and L12) referred to above, but the results are not guaranteed within a defined period of time


The Philosophy of Auditing

The philosophy of Dianetics and Scientology has always been to drill into the mind as fast as possible and resolve its aberrations as quickly as possible. In other words, the auditing approaches the mind at a very high gradient. This makes the result quick and quite significant in the beginning, but then they peter out. This is because the resistance of the mind builds up just as quickly. Then you look for more powerful rundown to drill deeper into the mind.

This is not optimum because there is an increased possibility of the “walls of the mind” collapsing and resulting in insanity.



Meditation has been practiced since ancient times, and it has been a relatively safe practice. However, the understanding of meditation has been diluted with its mass promotion around the world.

As it is practiced today, meditation has become a very low gradient approach to addressing the mind. The results are few and far in between. Not many people have the patience to practice meditation in their day-to day life.

The optimum approach is somewhere between “meditation” and “auditing.”


The Universe and the Being

According to the philosophy of Subject Clearing, you can address the aberrations of the mind on a proper gradient when you understand the mind in the context of the “being” and the “universe.”

Subject Clearing defines the “being” at KHTK Factor # 2.
It defines the “universe” at KHTK Factor # 1.
It defines the “mind” at Mind: The Tool for Resolving Anomalies.
And, it defines the “aberrations” at Anomalies: Assumptions & Distortions.

A being is, therefore, that aspect of the universe that is evolving continually by handling the anomalies of the universe.


Handling the Mind

All you have to know to handle the mind is the following:

(1) On the surface, the aberrations come from traumatic experiences; but, as you go deeper into the mind, the aberrations ultimately arise from anomalies among the postulates that define one’s very make-up.

(2) The anomalies appear as corrupted desire, intention or purpose, which are common to many experiences of ordinary life. They group the somatics of many experiences together; so, you cannot really run them as a single incident as in Dianetics.

(3) Such composite “incidents” appear as dream-like symbolizations, similar to those in myths and space opera of science fiction. Scientology attempts to address them on its OT Levels.

(4) The composite incidents are structured as “unassimilated impressions” in the mental matrix. Such impression are transmitted to a person through DNA from his ancestors. These impressions are continually modified by the person’s experiences during life—both ordinary and traumatic.

(5) These “unassimilated impressions” can best be resolved by following the trail of FIXED ATTENTION. The trail leads to the anomalies to be resolved in the proper sequence.

(6) The Course in Subject Clearing shall assist you with the know-how to handle these anomalies.


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  • vinaire  On April 20, 2023 at 7:15 AM

    From Mark N. Roberts:
    The purpose of the Ls is to uncover things that are thoroughly hidden from you. Things that you CANNOT find on your own. Meditation has been around for thousands of years and has not produced a significant improvement in the state of man. Scott Gordon has devised a method of producing most of the product of the Ls using other existing techniques.

    So, are the Ls producing a significant improvement in the state of man? I would say that the percentage of successes from Ls are not much different from percentage of successes from meditation.

    One needs to closely look at what the Ls are doing. They are trying to uncover the deep postulates in one’s soul that are inconsistent.

    Improvement comes from removing the anomalies starting from doubts, perplexities and confusions. The deepest anomalies would be the inconsistencies among the postulates one is operating on automatically. Ls are just a shotgun process to handle deep anomalies. Much more success comes from knowing the mechanics of anomalies and resolving them continually on a gradient as in Subject Clearing.


  • vinaire  On April 20, 2023 at 7:17 AM

    “Evil” may be described as a deep anomaly.

    Anomalies: Assumptions & Distortions


  • vinaire  On April 26, 2023 at 4:34 AM

    Notes on the video on L Rundowns:

    Introspection RD… Evil intentions… Implant… evil psychs… L11… find evil intentions… (Bruce Welsh’s story 1972-73)
    Hubbard… last 15 years of his life… focused on BTs
    Earlier 15 years… he was all focused on overt…
    Early 70s… focused on evil purposes in expanded Dianetics… (evil in your soul)…
    The most painful thing in training of L11… the Dating Drill… can take up to a year to pass… used to locate implant to harm…
    When the implant is located, the person feels mass to blow… he feels much better…
    Hubbard became increasingly fixated on implants… L10 zeroes into implants…
    Earlier similar in St Hill days was Goals processing… People were very interested in finding their goals
    Hubbard then decided that all these were implanted goals… they were not the goals of the person… people just caved-in…
    This started Hubbard’s focus on implants… dating on implants started… this became L11… on this people attested to New Life…
    At present the focus in auditing is just on the dark side of the case and not on strengths… The entire bridge is just Grade 2…
    L10 is mostly your O/Ws on every dynamic… the questions can be wild… errors occur… then you have to pay for fixing those errors…
    They are trying to audit some imaginary whole track instead of the mental impressions you have inherited from the past.
    L12—Hubbard found a genius way of blowing off BTs, without the pc even knowing that you were addressing BT…
    Bark a group of synonyms referring to the same concept at the pc… one of them may read… then you’ll ask the pc for an identity which demonstrated that concept… then you’ll ask for the basic purpose that identity had… It went on and on like that…
    At the end of L12 you will do an OCA… if the OCA was down you will do more L12, until the OCA recovered…
    A secret part of L12 is “beams”…


  • vinaire  On April 26, 2023 at 4:36 AM

    Facebook thread:


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