The Self (up to 2013)

We know the subject of Viewpoint and Desire as Self. 


  1. Beingness, Desire & Knowledge
  2. Desire, Will and “I”


  1. The Fundamental Desire
  2. The Nature of Being
  3. Considerations and Free Will
  4. The Spirit
  5. The Null Viewpoint
  6. Philosophy of self
  7. The Self as the Looker
  8. Going Beyond Self


  1. Guilt
  2. Who Am I?
  3. Is there an absolute Will?
  4. Granting of Beingness & Space
  5. The Self and the Soul
  6. Souls, Between-lives, Dark Energy & Matter
  7. Identity versus Individuality
  8. The Structure of “I”


  1. Out of Body Experience
  2. Death
  3. How to Know Your Life Purpose in 5 Minutes
  4. Where is home?
  5. Rebirth – Truth or Myth?
  6. Near-Death experience and Awareness
  7. Evolution from Spirit to Self
  8. Love and Liking
  9. Psychology Index


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