The Self and the Soul

In physics, the center of mass  is the weighted average location of all the mass in a body or group of bodies. Various important calculations in mechanics become simplified when quantities are referenced to the center of mass, or when the entire mass of a body is treated as if it is concentrated at the center of mass.

We may regard the Self and the Soul in a similar manner.

A SELF is a weighted average location of all physical and mental energies and forces related to a person, much like the “center of mass.” 

So, underlying this concept of self there is an actual structure of energies and forces. This may be what Buddha was describing as summarized in The Structure of “I”.

If we look at a soul as something left after the body dies then we may describe it in a similar manner as follows:

A SOUL is a weighted average location of the mental energies and forces, remaining after the death of the physical body,  much like the “center of mass.”

By definition, spirit is the essence of something. It also refers to the mental energies and forces remaining after death. Therefore these mental energies and forces remaining after death constitute the spirit of a person. Spirit is not different from the mind.

As it is obvious from the above interpretation, a soul is what remains of the self after the removal of physical energies and forces. The soul does not have the same characteristics as the self. Soul does not behave the same way as the self did.

A soul is pretty much frozen until it creates a new self by becoming part of a new born baby. The last thought of the old self is the first thought of the new self. There are no “in-between life” after death and before birth. Ideas about “in-between lives” seems to be the projections of live self.

The new self of the baby has only certain elements of the old self. This  may explain the inexplicable talents and memories from some other life. But there is no “self” that continues from one body to the next.

We are not talking about reincarnation here. There seem to be no heaven or hell where souls may be stored indefinitely after death. There is recycling in nature.

Here we are looking beyond hopes and expectations. We are looking at physics on the plane of metaphysics.


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  • vinaire  On August 12, 2012 at 6:07 AM

    Hubbard: “In the matter of time, the preclear must necessarily have been run at least on SOP 8- C Opening Procedure and Opening Procedure by Duplication before the process is attempted. Additionally, he must have been run on Perfect Duplicates so as to gain some stability for him in present time on the subject of looking at things. The question once posed is used over, and over, and over again. Remember that the process, which is to say the phrase, which turns on a somatic, if repeated many times, will turn it off.”

    The somatic may appear because of the repetitive questioning, which forces the person to come up with some sort of answers. A person may simply dream up an answer or guess wildly to get out of such an uncomfortable situation. He may finally settle on some answer. This may remove the uncomfortable situation and the somatic, but it does nothing to advance the person spiritually.

    A rational and scientific discussion may do a lot more for the person.



  • vinaire  On August 12, 2012 at 6:20 AM

    Hubbard: “Now we have special cases of preclears who seem to be having peculiar difficulties. The first of these is the preclear with the black field. To such a preclear, before anything else except R2- 16 and R2- 17 are run, blackness should be run: ‘How does blackness seem to you now? ’ Obviously a thetan has always looked toward the light, the brightness, the form, the object, and has ever neglected the dark areas. This can be run objectively by having the preclear sit in a dark room and simply have him look at the darkness, which is the poorer of the methods, by test, or the auditor can have the preclear close his eyes and run the process. If an auditor must address a psychosomatic illness, it is only necessary for him to ask: ‘How do your (legs, hands, eyes) seem to you now? ’ using one of them at a time. The lame can walk simply if asked: ‘How do your legs seem to you now?’ enough times.”

    If there are physical factors to be taken care of then this process by itself shall not handle a lame person. Such expectations are built into Scientology, which is inappropriate.

    One must take care of both physical and mental factors. To address the mental factors I would use LOOKING and DISCUSSION instead of repetitive questioning.



  • vinaire  On August 12, 2012 at 6:38 AM

    Hubbard: “Another version of this was developed by the staff, by combining R2- 20, Problems and Solutions, with Description Processing, with these commands: ‘Can you recall a problem which concerned you?’ When the preclear does, ‘How did it seem to you then?’ When he describes this, ‘How does it seem to you now?’ He is then asked for another problem, using the same commands.”

    This is an altogether different type of process for it compares THEN to NOW. It does get a person to look at the problem newly. Again, LOOKING and DISCUSSION may be more beneficial than repetitive questioning.



    Havingness is lost only when one moves away from reality, and one’s conclusions are no longer rooted in reality. Under the pressure of repetitive questioning a person may simply dream up answers or guess wildly to get out of such an uncomfortable situation. He may finally settle on some answer, which may not be rooted in reality. That may cause the loss of havingness.

    I would never recommend repetitive questioning. Looking, as recommended by Buddha, is a far better method to use.



  • vinaire  On April 8, 2014 at 8:59 AM

    It seems that when the egg is fertilized by a sperm, and a new body is evolving per the genetic code, a new self is also eveolving in this body.

    There is no single soul that enters and establishes itself in this body as self. There are compatibility issues.

    It seems that many souls are filtered through the compatibility needs of the body, and only those parts are retained that are compatible.

    Just like a new software may be created out of pieces from several different old programs according to some selection criterion, and then stitched together into a new program, similarly a new SELF may be generated out of bits and pieces from old souls following the compatibility criterion of the body.



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