The Null Viewpoint

It seems that “spiritual” and “physical” are not independent of each other. The idea that physical universe is created by God seems to be an assumption that occurs in most religions. On the other hand the idea that spiritual consciousness has evolved out of chemical interactions seems to be asserted by many who reject religion.

A third idea may be posited that both physical and spiritual universes are subsets of a larger universe. This super set of all possible universes may be referred to as the Universe of Consideration. Please refer to the essay The Nature of Consideration.

Both “spiritual” and “physical” are different aspects of a Universe of Consideration.

The Universe of Consideration may be looked upon as a cycle. This universe includes all that is spiritual and physical and anything else that may be considered. What lies outside this universe cannot be known or viewed from within the universe. Please refer to the essay Beginning.

A null viewpoint is posited as THAT which is beyond this universe of consideration. This idea is similar to what is referred to as Brahma in Hinduism, or Nirvana in Buddhism. It is beyond any beingness, awareness, space, time, energy and matter.  Please refer to the essay The Nature of Existence.

The term “null viewpoint”  is just a projection of the consideration of viewpoint that exists within this universe. Probably, the null viewpoint has nothing to do with a viewpoint. I am positing the term “null viewpoint” as a placeholder just like the placeholder “zero” in mathematics. We could use a different term, such as “osh kosh,” instead of the term “null viewpoint,” and it would make no philosophical difference.

No definition may be stated for null viewpoint because no logic is applicable outside of the universe. Logic exists only within the universe of considerations, as it is based upon the associations among considerations. A definition cannot avoid the use of beingness, awareness, space, time, energy and matter. Thus, any attempt to impose the logic of the universe to comprehend THAT which is beyond the universe would fail. That is the inherent weakness of any attempted definition.

The nature of null viewpoint cannot be determined from any ideas about how this universe came to be. The creation of this universe cannot be determined  from a viewpoint based on this universe. From such a viewpoint, this universe would always appear to be there.

We may only say that the null viewpoint is “absence of consideration.” Beyond that any idea about the nature of null viewpoint would only be… well… er!… a consideration.

For practical purposes a NULL VIEWPOINT may be considered to be a “point of view” that has no fixidity, stuckness, or permanence to it. It is a viewpoint that is continually coming into being and dissolving.

A NULL VIEWPOINT may be looked upon as a totally fresh viewpoint each time with no prior considerations, and hence no prior beingness.


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  • anonymuse  On July 14, 2010 at 4:26 AM

    Good morning Vinaire =)
    Ah! Wonderful to see you creating your universe, to your image. It’s a nice one, I like it =)


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