Grade 4 Exercises

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Reference: Running Scientology Processes with Subject Clearing

This document provides all Scientology Grade 4 processes in one place. You may run these processes on yourself under the Discipline of Subject Clearing, using the Straight Memory approach. You stay in the present time and ask yourself the question given by the process. You contemplate on it and carefully look at the response that arises in the mind. You remember the most obvious incidents or facts first. You then works towards remembering more and more obscure incidents, until some realization occurs. 

Make sure you are already familiar with earlier Scientology Grades.



DISCIPLINE:  Discipline of Subject Clearing

TEXTS (by  L. Ron Hubbard): 

  1. You Can Be Right
  2. Certainty Processing
  3. SCN 8-8008: The Chart of Attitudes
  4. Handbook for Preclears 
  5. Scientology Clear Procedure

When reading the text by L. Ron Hubbard, please use his Technical Dictionary to look up words belonging to Scientology technical vocabulary, such as, engrams, secondaries, locks, etc.



Grade 4, Justification, Certainty, Rising Scale Processing, Effort, Effort Processing, Listing & Nulling,



Please refer to

  1. KHTK Glossary
  2. Technical Dictionary

Additional data specific to this subject is as follows.

Grade 4 focuses on moving out of fixed conditions and gaining abilities to do new things.

In Scientology, the Listing and Nulling procedure handled very carefully on e-meter, because any misstep can have serious consequences. In Subject Clearing, the L&N process is modified as follows, so there are no serious consequences.

  1. Make a list of all items that come up in response to a Listing question.
  2. Arrange them in the sequence they are important to you.
  3. Take the top (most important) item from the list.
  4. Run the process with that item.
  5. If it handles the problem then end the process.
  6. If it doesn’t, take the next item on the list. Go to step (4).
  7. If a new item pops up, add it to the list in (1). Continue with step (2)




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