Subject: Dianetics

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

This requires understanding of the following:

  1. Subject: Dianetics Basics
  2. Subject: Straight Memory

The subject clearing process requires that you contemplate over a concept to assimilate it into your existing knowledge. For example, when you are learning about the concept of “jumping,” you would contemplate over its meaning while relating it to your actual experience of jumping. You would follow the same process when learning about more abstract concepts, such as, the “mind” or the “self.” With subject Clearing you are applying the Discipline of Subject Clearing to make the concept one with your understanding.

In Dianetics, you contemplate over a somatic that you are interested in, and find instances from your actual experience, when it was present. In a traditional Dianetics session you are doing so under the expert guidance of an auditor. But when running Dianetics with subject clearing you are doing so under the Discipline of Subject Clearing. Such contemplation then leads you to the discovery of unassimilated impressions. You perceive these impressions for the very first time. As you perceive them they start to get assimilated in your mental matrix. Such assimilation of traumatic impressions helps a person get rid of aberrations and psychosomatic illnesses.

The first rule of the subject clearing approach is just to be there and confront whatever comes up. So, you just lightly keep your attention on the somatic with sufficient curiosity, and let the mind do its work. The moment you become anxious about finding the instances from your experience the progress will slow down. So just be curious to learn everything you can about a somatic.

Hubbard says,

“By somatic is meant a pain or ache sensation and also misemotion or even unconsciousness. There are a thousand different descriptive words that could add up to a feeling. Pains, aches, dizziness, sadness—these are all feelings. Awareness, pleasant or unpleasant, of a body.”

You may go through the following comments on the chapters of Book Three: THERAPY of DIANETICS: The Modern Science of Mental Health:

  1. CHAPTER I The Mind’s Protection 
  2. CHAPTER II Release or Clear 
  3. CHAPTER III The Auditor’s Role 
  4. CHAPTER IV Diagnosis 
  5. CHAPTER V Returning, the File Clerk, and the Time Track 
  6. CHAPTER VI The Laws of Returning 
  7. CHAPTER VII Emotion and the Life Force 
  8. CHAPTER VIII Some Types of Engrams 
  9. CHAPTER IX PART ONE Mechanisms and Aspects of Therapy 
  10. CHAPTER IX PART TWO Mechanisms and Aspects of Therapy 
  11. CHAPTER X Dianetics — Past and Future 

These comments will familiarize you with the Dianetics techniques. Subject clearing makes the application of Dianetics techniques very simple. All you need is just be there and patiently confront.


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