DIANETICS: Past and Future

Reference: Hubbard 1950: Dianetics TMSMH

These are some comments on Book Three, Chapter 10, “Dianetics—Past and Future” from DIANETICS: THE MODERN SCIENCE OF MENTAL HEALTH.


Comments on
Dianetics—Past and Future

Dianetics is addressing a problem that has been known since ancient times. For example, the facsimile has been known as “samskāra” in Hinduism since Buddha’s time (500 BC). The ancient solution has been the yogic meditation. 

Dianetics resurrected the old knowledge and presented it in modern scientific terms. Dianetics original contribution to this field of knowledge is its therapeutic method of the “repeater technique.” Subsequent research has brought about the methods of Scientology as presented on its Grade Chart. These methods have been efficient.

All these methods have involved an auditor working on a preclear. The insertion of an auditor has presented its own set of new difficulties, which makes a broader application very expensive and practically unfeasible. The yogic method has been broadly available because a person can apply it to himself, but it lacks the efficiency of the methods of Dianetics and Scientology.

The development of the Subject Clearing approach eliminates the need for an auditor, while retaining the efficiency of Dianetics and Scientology methods. Subject Clearing allows a person to apply the Yogic, Dianetics and Scientology methods to himself or herself with great ease and efficiency.

Judiciary Dianetics presents the science of judgment. The problems of jurisprudence and, indeed, all judgment, are inextricably interwoven with the problems of behavior. An ideal society would be a society of unaberrated persons conducting their lives within an unaberrated culture.

The Subject Clearing approach allows the refinement of this science. By having correct definitions in the subject of jurisprudence a correct solution can be reached with regard to any action or actions of Man. The civil equity which will not lead to injustice can only then be established and formulated. 

In his attitude toward one’s fellows or toward society at large, a person can gain nothing by reprimanding and judging past error in the light of current sentience. Not only can he gain nothing but he can inhibit progress. It is a remorseless fact that the attack upon unreason has begun. Attack unreason, not the society or the man.

The social organisms which we call states and nations behave and react in every respect as though they were individual organisms. An individual society has as well its reactive mind as represented by the prejudices and irrationalities of the entire group. This reactive mind is served by its facsimiles wherein lie past painful experiences and which dictates reactive action on certain subjects whenever those subjects are restimulated in the society. This, all too briefly, is an analogy used in Political Dianetics.

A society, working in complete cooperation toward common goals would be a free society. A society governed by the mystery and superstition of some mystic body would be a bound society. The quarrel of society with society, nation with nation, has many causes, all of them more or less irrational. No nation ever finally triumphed by force of arms. The problem is in the control of Man.

There is no national problem in the world today which cannot be resolved by reason alone. There is no justification for war. The solution lies in the definition of political theory and policy in such terms that there can be no mistaking the rational goals toward which societies can collectively and individually work. The enemy of Man is not Man. Man’s primary fight is with those elements which oppress him as a species and bar his thrust toward high goals.  

Hubbard predicted that in twenty or a hundred years the therapeutic technique which is offered in this volume will appear to be obsolete. It has now been three-quarters of a century since Dianetics was first developed. There has been much refinement through Scientology; but Subject Clearing is the first breakthrough that makes the auditor, and the problems with auditing, obsolete.

Hubbard indicated, “There are two definite drawbacks to this present technique. It demands more skill of the auditor than should be necessary and it is not as swift as it could be. The auditor should not be required to do any computing whatever and indeed, a therapy technique could be envisioned where no auditor at all was necessary, for he is vital at the present time.” I believe that Subject Clearing meets these requirements, and its application will only improve.

Dianetics came up with its axioms that numbered in hundreds. In Subject Clearing we have a tool that has helped organize the data of those axioms in much simpler form. As we organize these truths better, we also discover simpler techniques to remove the causes of man’s ills.

We can now specify Subject Clearing at least as follows: Subject Clearing is the method of chipping away at the restimulation of the facsimile by noticing anomalies and resolving them through meditation. You start resolving the anomalies as you study a subject, until you have drilled them down to the basic postulates of the subject. You then take up the next subject. Most people usually select the subjects that they studied in school or grew up with. Religion is one of those subjects. Studying a Subject provides you with some basic instructions for subject clearing. From this link you can obtain the link to the whole course on Subject Clearing.

We can now report back to Hubbard, “Sir, the better bridge has been built and it is now available.”

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