DIANETICS: Mechanisms and Aspects of Therapy Part II

Reference: Hubbard 1950: Dianetics TMSMH

These are some comments on Book Three, Chapter 10, “Mechanisms and Aspects of Therapy Part II” from DIANETICS: THE MODERN SCIENCE OF MENTAL HEALTH.


Comments on
Mechanisms and Aspects of Therapy Part II

KEY WORDS: Single word technique, Tokens, Lie factory

Note: These sections provide quick summaries. If you need details, please consult the section in the book.


There is no such thing as ESP in the recall as a fetus. The prenatal engram is not a memory but a recording of pain and percepts. A person returned to an engram is supposed to run out the engrams and their contents. But he may interpret that recording in some fantastic ways. Simply look for despair charges, allies, sympathy engrams and the source of his “dub-in”.


When there have been electric shocks, it is important to relieve them first as they form a grouping of engrams. Apparently, the electric shocks derange the memory files and generate a great depth of “unconsciousness”.


The applies to two people auditing each other, in which case, they avoid running common engrams. But in case of the subject clearing approach, you simply watch out for mental resistance to resolving some anomaly. Once you recognize such a resistance it goes away.


The word “feeling” means both pain and emotion: thus the phrase, “I can’t feel anything,” may be an anesthetic for both. Run the words “No emotion” until a paraphrase is obtained: run the words “I can’t feel,” or some other phrase meaning the same thing. If the engrams are available and are not suppressed by others, will eventually be accessed. After this the therapy is more beneficial.


Whenever you find yourself, returned, outside yourself and seeing yourself, you are off the track. The painful emotion engrams, should be found as soon as possible and discharged. 


When there is a sense of telepathy when returned, such as, receiving mother’s thoughts prenatally, be certain that somewhere around there is an engram in which she says these exact words aloud. 


It is very noisy in the womb. Intestinal squeaks and groans, and other body activities of the mother produce a continual sound. It is also very tight in later prenatal life


Time, topic, value, somatic and emotion are the methods of filing. Engrams are not filed in the orderly fashion. It is difficult to know when the proper consecutive item will appear. You may be progressing from prenatal to later life  Suddenly a despair charge is triggered and discharged. You look back at the prenatal area and find a whole new series of incidents in view. These are erased and progress is made back toward present time when still another despair charge is released and still more prenatals come to view.


A sudden deterioration of serenity, generally stems from some incident which has caused you mental anguish. Although this change of mind has its source in the restimulation of an engram, the moment of restimulation, which is a lock, may be addressed and alleviated with success. Simply close your eyes and return to the instant wherein you were disturbed. A moment of analytical shut-down will be discovered wherein some restimulative person or circumstance upset your equilibrium. This moment can be recounted, ordinarily, as an engram and the immediate source of tension will relieve. The engram itself, upon which the lock depended, may not be accessible without a full dianetic address to the problem.


Whatever the shock or upset, it is run exactly like any other engram, beginning at the beginning of the first shock with you returning to it and continuing far enough along it to adequately embrace its first impact. Subsequent recountings may take you through apathy (grief), anger, boredom and cheerfulness. When there is flippancy and unwillingness to recount again, data is being suppressed and more charge is present. Further recounting should bring it to, most favorably, laughter. These are the tones 0 to 4 of the Tone Scale. A Tone 4 is laughter. Engrams which show no emotion anywhere on the track are suppressed by emotional or feeling shut-offs. There must be variability of emotion.


If you do not move to an incident with repeater technique, three things can be wrong: first, you cannot move on the track; second, the phrase may be sensibly withheld by the file clerk until such time as it can be cleared; or third, the phrase does not exist as engramic material. The usual reason repeater technique does not work is that a holder is active. A large emotional charge may also inhibit repeater technique.


Words as well as engrams exist in chains. There is always a first time for the recording of each word in a person’s life. Aberrative phrases in engrams tend to repeat themselves. This tends to make the engrams appear in chains of incidents, each incident much like the next. The first incident on the chain holds the others more or less in place and out of sight; therefore, the basic of the chain is the goal. The repetition by themselves of one word will cause the associated words to suggest themselves. For example, repetition of the word Forget may suggest a phrase, such as “You can never forget me.” Here we have a phrase in an engram and the remainder of the engram can then be run.

There are only a few dozens of words necessary to get almost any engram. They are such words as these: forget, remember, memory, blind, deaf, dumb, see, feel, hear, emotion, pain, fear, terror, afraid, bear, stand, lie, get, come, time, difference, imagination, right, dark, black, deep, up, down, words, corpse, dead, rotten, death, book, reed, soul, hell, god, scared, miserable, horrible, past, look, everything, everybody, always, never, everywhere, all, believe, listen, matter, seek, original, present, back, early, beginning, secret, tell, die, found, sympathy mad, crazy, insane, rid, fight, fist, chest, teeth, jaw, stomach, ache, misery, head, sex, words of sex and profanity, skin, baby, it, curtain, shell, barrier, wall, think, thought, slippery, confused, mixed, smart, poor, little, sick, life, father, mother, familiar names of parents and any others of household during prenatal and childhood period, money, food, tears, no, world, excuse, stop, laugh, hate, jealous, shame, ashamed, coward, etc.

Single word technique using the name of the ally, if known, or words of sympathy, endearment, death, rejection or farewell and the love name as a child in particular will often yield swift results. In this repeater technique, it should not be a rapid, unmeaning repetition but a slow repeat, while contacting anything else which might associate with the word.


In Dianetic, we find (hypnotic) “commands”, such as, “The world is all against me,” which then translate into some aberration. They come up in due course. Working on them or about them is secondary and less. Of primary importance are the classes of commands that keep one from moving on the track. The are:

DENYERS: “Forget it” is the classic of the sub-class of denyer, the forgetter mechanism. When the engram simply won’t come to view but there is a somatic or a muscle twitch. You send the somatic strip to the denyer. 

HOLDERS: “I’m stuck” is the classic phrase. “That fixed it” is another. The holder is the most frequent and the most used since whenever the pre-clear can’t shift on the track or come to present, he is in a holder.

BOUNCERS: “Get out” is the classic bouncer. The patient usually goes toward present time. When the pre-clear can’t seem to get earlier, there is a bouncer ejecting him from an engram. Get a comment from him on what’s happening. 

GROUPER: “I have no time” and “Nothing makes any difference” are the classic groupers. It can be so variously worded and its effect is so serious on the time track that the whole track can roll up into a ball and all incidents then appear to be in the same place. But it will settle out as the case progresses and the case can be worked with a grouper in restimulation.

MISDIRECTOR: “You don’t know down from up” is the classic phrase. When a misdirector appears in an engram, the patient goes in wrong directions, to wrong places, etc. A special case is the derailer, such as, “Down and out”, which throws him off the track and makes him lose touch with his time track. This is a very serious phrase since it can make a schizophrenic. Emotional charges usually hold the person off his track.


There are differences and identities that always consist of gradients. Absolutes are unobtainable for scientific purposes. Optimum is a reality that is continuous, consistent and harmonious. All departures from optimum are useful in locating engrams. One should observe one’s conduct and reactions to life to gain data. Irrationality arises when one cannot see things for what they are. Sanity is the ability to see things as they are.


One of the most important functions of the mind is the computing of the relative importances of data. Evaluation of the data for its importance is vital before the information is of value. For every datum which approaches truth there are billions which are untrue. The missing part of each datum is a scientific evaluation of its importance to the solution. Monotone importance in a class of facts leads to nothing but the most cluttered confusion. Establishment of relative importance is the key.

There are people who doubt everything. Such a person inspects the most precise evidence, and he still doubts. He has difficulty giving credence to any fact more than any other fact. This produces an inability to compute relative importances amongst data. Similarly, a person who believes everything finds difficulty in differentiating amongst importances of various data. Both cases “worry,” because they are unable to compute the relative importances of various data. The thing to do is to place such persons in a situation where they can evaluate their own data. 


Running a physically painful incident without a somatic is worthless. If the incident contains pain but the somatic is not turned on, the patient will wriggle his toes and breathe heavily and nervously or he may have jumping muscles. There are four additional classes of phrases: shut-offs, exaggerators, derailers and lie factories. All pain felt is genuine, even if exaggerated. Imaginary pain is non-existent. The painful emotion is only a surface manifestation of the physical pain engrams and would not be painful if the physical pain did not co-exist or exist priorly. When emotion and pain shut-offs exists, one is normally tense of muscle and nervous, given to twitching or merely tension. When pain and emotion are exaggerated by commands, there is lot of dramatization.


The reactive mind distinguishes violently between friend and foe. It considers everything about an ally to be right, and everything about an antagonist to be wrong. The reactive mind with its two-valued logic is very certain. However, there is such a thing as necessity level that can key out the control of the reactive mind. The solution of chronic psycho-somatic ills lies largely in the field of sympathy engrams. The real factors for such illnesses are allies. Look for them and exhaust from them the painful emotion of loss or denial and backtrack immediately to find the underlying engrams. 


The token is any object, practice or mannerism, which is an extension of an ally. It may be used to detect vital information that may help  locate the ally. Tokens could be his habits that you pick up, or the sympathy you expect from a family member. Token is what you say that is strange to your personality, or things you do but not much seem to enjoy. This is all mechanical and is actually merely restimulation of an engram. Once you have identifies the ally, reach swiftly toward the sympathy engram in which that ally is contained or reach toward the painful emotion engram of the loss of that ally, his illness or incidents concerning him, for an emotional discharge.


Check for the special classes of commands, especially a holder. Look for pain or emotional shut-offs. This is especially the case when the muscles often get very tense. See if you are feeling emotion without feeling the pain. There may be a feeling shut-off early in the prenatal area. There could be an emotional upset in the present.


Whenever this happens, the engrams are resisting. Usually it is an ally computation “not to get rid of it,” or if he parts with any engrams, “he will lose his mind.” Yet another computation is one of secrecy. One secrecy computation stems from the mother’s fearing to tell the father that she is pregnant. Such computations yield to the repeater technique.


Dianetics wakes people up; it does not try to drug them or hypnotize them. Hence, the hypnotic drug is worthless to the auditor. Vitamin B1 seems to reduce nightmares and DT’s among people getting audited.


According to Hubbard one cannot do dianetic therapy alone because somebody is needed there to listen, to provide insistence, and to compute the trouble one is having and remedy it. This is because the dianetic therapy requires a high gradient of confront.

On the other hand, the subject clearing approach chips away at the facsimiles at a gradient that the person can handle. At the same time, it builds up the analytical sense with which to handle the facsimiles. Therefore, a person can handle his facsimiles by himself, though it may take a bit longer at first, but then it gradually speeds up. 


In this category, we have people who have suffered strokes, paralysis, severe injuries, severe drug side-effects etc. Such people, if able, can apply dianetics through the subject clearing approach, as it is quite safe.


This section discusses organic derangements as a result of engrams. Obviously, the physiological damage is best addressed through medical approach. But there would also be an aberrational component that may be resolved with dianetics through the subject clearing approach.


A return to a recent injury or accident in contemplation can be very helpful in assimilating the related trauma. This may considerably speed up the recovery.


Problems of mutual therapy are not relevant when one is applying the dianetic therapy to oneself using the subject clearing approach.


This is an interesting case study that shows the difficulties the auditor may run into outside the case that he would have to address. A person engaged in applying dianetic therapy to oneself must address external and internal situations alike through subject clearing.


Reason for non-assimilation is too much motion too fast. This appears as physical and emotional pain. The mind is confronted with intensity of charge. It is difficult to see through the sheer irrationality of short circuiting. The problem is to discover and discharge the painful emotion engrams. Just apply the fundamentals of dianetics. The subject clearing approach of dianetic therapy is obviously limited to those who are able to apply it to themselves. This section contains interesting insight regarding hypnotism. Use of hypnotism and amnesia trance is not advised.


Progress may be retarded by intensely restimulative environment. In such a circumstance the environment needs to be handled first. It is best to look at your environment as well as your own case from an extroverted viewpoint. As you progress through the dianetic therapy you will become increasingly extroverted. The aberration is primarily caused by what has been done to the person (the facsimile). The secondary effect of that is the person dramatizing that facsimile.


The mind is a self-protecting mechanism. The mind is diagnosed by its reaction to life. You then learn to handle these reactions while respecting mind’s self-protection mechanism. The better you understand the principles of Dianetics and Subject Clearing, the more you can keep the restimulation level low, and be able to resolve your case. Discussion in subject clearing is a cooperative effort that helps handle the cases of all those involved.


Any case dropped out of therapy will rebalance itself in a few weeks, much benefited. Restimulations can be expected to die down if they are due to therapy. 


With subject clearing approach, the dianetic therapy can be done in sessions of 20 minutes to 2 hours, and as many sessions in a day as feasible. The engram is asked for on day one, is ready to reduce on day three, sags on day four and is rebalanced by day seven. On subject clearing approach one starts to get realizations from day one. As he continues he attains higher and higher states of clarity as he assimilates his knowledge and cleans up his traumas.


It is a uniform experience that the data obtained from relatives, parents and friends is absolutely and utterly worthless. More accurate data can be obtained through dianetic therapy. The correct data is that which makes one well.


The dianetic therapy satisfies a very basic goal to get better. The mind naturally wants to unwind, in spite of the resistance from the facsimiles. The therapy is attacked only when no results are forthcoming. You can remedy the situation only by delivering results as promised.


You evaluate only to make sure you are not accepting imagined or incomplete data. An incident will not lift unless the data in it is correct: this is automatic. Even if the contents seem improbable run the incident. If there is a lie factory, find the lie factory by using appropriate phrase. Simply make a quiet estimate of the situation, reduce everything which seems valid and keep on trying to get the reason why the case is not functioning as well as possible. Facsimiles are just collections of remarks contained in periods of “unconsciousness.” A facsimile is basically illogical and irrational; don’t try to read rationality into one! See things as they are. The objective is to reduce the facsimiles.


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