DIANETICS: Emotion and the Life Force

Reference: Hubbard 1950: Dianetics TMSMH

These are some comments on Book Three, Chapter 7, “Emotion and the Life Force” from DIANETICS: THE MODERN SCIENCE OF MENTAL HEALTH.


Comments on
Emotion and the Life Force

KEY WORDS: Painful emotion, Pro-survival engram, Ally, Sympathy, Ally computation

One of the largest roles in therapy is played by Emotion. If we treat emotion as bound up life force and if we follow these general precepts to release it, we shall obtain a very large gain in any person. To free these life force units is the primary task of therapy, to relieve pain from the facsimiles is the secondary task.

Hubbard theorizes that the release of painful emotion, as the release of life force, is of primary importance.

When the facsimile gets restimulated, it captures certain units of life force. When enthusiasm or impetus aligns the purpose of the individual toward a true survival goal he recaptures some of these units. But as life progresses more and more life force units out of an individual’s supply are captured and held in the “infected” part of the mental matrix.

A person is subject to a spiral of dwindling life force through the course of his life due to his facsimiles.

However, a facsimile can seemingly “assist” a person by gathering up the available life force and channeling it along basic purpose lines, making a high level of concentration of life force. The person then have a high drive and is successful to a point. Such a facsimile is pro-survival; but if the person overextends himself and fails, the facsimile turns against him. In a way he has disobeyed the command of the facsimile and having disobeyed, suffers pain. 

A person may be boosted by a surge of life force due to a pro-survival facsimile, but, ultimately, it makes the person suffer. 

The person is reluctant to let go of the pro-survival facsimile because he feels that it assists him even when it is not always aligned with his basic purpose. Here is an example of the computation based on such a facsimile, “I had some one taking care of me when I was ill. I need some one to take care of me. I must be ill.” Here is the basic pattern of the facsimile which will contain the chronic psycho-somatic illness in any patient.

A pro-survival facsimile containing sympathy insists that the individual be ill in order to survive.

In Dianetics, an ally is a person from whom sympathy came when the person was ill or injured. If the ally came to the person’s defense or his words and/or actions were aligned with the individual’s survival, the facsimile gives that ally the status of always being right. The ally computation is that one must be in the vicinity of such allies and be sick or generally disabled to feel safe.

Discharge of ally computations from a person’s facsimiles restores the most life force to the person.

The loss of the ally may be the trigger which will start chain fission. Hence, discharging these frozen units is a vital and important part of therapy and the condition of the case will improve in direct ratio to the number of these units so discharged. 

  1. Start with scouting the prenatal area for facsimiles. Take whatever is presented and take the charge out of it.
  2. Scout your later life for whomever you may have depended upon (ally). 
  3. Find out when you lost an ally by death, departure or reversal of stand, and discharge the sorrow of loss out of those moments.
  4. Always go as early as possible for the basic-basic. But go to later life to free up painful emotion due to loss of an ally.
  5. If an incident does not reduce then go earlier similar.
  6. Facsimile starts to become emotionless in tone means there is another ally computation. 
  7. Reduce everything you contact as a priority.
  8. Any hold-up, any unwillingness, stems from ally computation.
  9. Address the problem of demon circuits by releasing charges of sorrow.
  10. Consider that loss by death, departure or reversal of stand by an ally is identical with a death of some part of you.

Later painful emotion facsimiles occlude the earlier unconsciousness and pain facsimiles.

The loss of an ally or pseudo-ally need contain no other physical pain or “unconsciousness” than the loss itself occasions. This is serious enough. It makes a facsimile. Any occlusion of a person means that he or she had a vast and unrevealed significance in a patient’s life which should be explained. Start late to get painful emotion and work back early. Start early to get physical pain facsimiles and work toward late

Occlusion is very likely related to allies and ally computation.

One of the various aspects of returning is that it encounters areas where the person is “outside” his body. It is exteriorization (having a detached view) because of emotion or physical pain. Painful emotion puts the compartments and demon-circuits into the mind, and that the physical pain holds the aberration in place. Rationalization about action or conduct or conditions is of no use beyond occasional aid in locating facsimiles. It should be clear that no amount of explanation or hand-patting or evaluation is going to advance the erasure of the facsimiles themselves.

This entire operation is mechanical. It has nothing to do with justified thought or shame or reasons. 


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