SUBJECT CLEARING STEP 4—The Discipline of Meditation

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

In meditating over a key word (STEP 3), it is very important that you DO NOT try to remember something by guessing again and again. You simply let the mind present things to you. If the meaning of a word does not come up, you do not keep guessing at it. You right away look it up in a dictionary. You should not be putting undue pressure on the mind in meditation.



When you are having difficulty visualizing a definition, then look up that definition again. Maybe there is a word in that definition that you do not understand; or, maybe you need a better explanation. So, you consult another dictionary or reference, until you have the details and examples you need.

Once you have proper data you should be able to visualize the definition easily. Letting the visualization come up without much effort is very important. There is an exercise for it that you can do. See Visualization Exercise.



When meditating on the word from different angles, let the questions and anomalies come up by themselves. You do not avoid, resist, suppress or deny any thoughts, emotions, and even sensations. You simply be a witness and let the mind associate and unwind on its own.


Integrity of Perception

You maintain the integrity of perception by following the 12 rules given below. These rules are linked to exercises that help you practice that rule.

  1. Observe without Desires
  2. Observe without Assuming
  3. Observe what is Missing
  4. Observe the Incomprehensible
  5. Observe all Senses
  6. Let the Mind Un-stack
  7. Experience Fully
  8. Do not suppress
  9. Associate Data freely
  10. Observe beyond Name and Form
  11. Contemplate thoughtfully
  12. Let it be effortless



Whenever you find your attention getting fixated or stuck there is some anomaly underlying that phenomenon. Simply meditate on that point of fixation applying the rules above. Wait for the anomaly to come up. Broaden the context in which you are viewing, as much as possible, and fully discern any association without influencing it.



Once this discipline in meditation is established discernment occurs in leaps and bounds.


Also see:

  1. The Law of Mindfulness
  2. Self-Learning and Assimilation


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