Old Geometry Book

Reference: Course on Mathematics

For application by the student

These sections are taken from PLANE AND SOLID GEOMETRY by George Wentworth and David Eugene Smith, first published in 1888.

G00 – Contents

G01 – Introduction

G02 – BOOK I. Rectilinear Figures

G03 – BOOK II. The Circle

G04 – BOOK III. Proportion. Similar Polygon

G05 – BOOK IV. Area of Polygons

G06 – BOOK V. Regular Polygons and Circles

G07 – Appendix to Plane Geometry

G08 – BOOK VI. Lines and Planes in Space

G09 – BOOK VII. Polyhedrons, Cylinders and Cones

G10 – BOOK VIII. The Sphere

G11 – Appendix to Solid Geometry

G12 – Miscellaneous & Index


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