Exercise: Walking Meditation #1

This walking meditation extroverts the mind while allowing stresses in the body to unwind. You may practice this meditation when you are having trouble meditating in a sitting position. Make sure you walk in a pleasant and safe place.

Meditation Exercise:

Walking Meditation on Body


To extrovert the mind while letting the body unwind.


Study Walking Meditation.


Find a safe and pleasant environment, such as, a farm, park or a garden where you may spend half an hour without being disturbed. Start walking leisurely. 

Become aware of your natural breathing. Gradually become aware of your body from head to toe. Notice how the various parts of the body are moving. Notice how other parts of the body are being carried along. Observe and experience the body walking, stopping, turning, bending, stretching, etc. Get how the clothes feel on the body.

Start feeling the sensations present in the various parts of the body. Experience them fully one by one. Let any stresses unwind as they may. Do the same with any aches and pains present. Do not force anything. Let it all happen naturally. You let the stresses in the body unwind on their own, so the body starts to become increasingly relaxed.

All this while, you use your breathing as the stabilizing factor. In other words, whenever your attention strays you bring it back to your breathing and start experiencing the body again. Perceive the sensations, aches and pains in the body, just as they are, without interfering.

Continue this exercise for at least 20 minute. Let the stresses unwind as much as possible.

You may repeat this exercise as often as you wish.

End of Exercise:

When attention is extroverted and the body feels lighter, this exercise may be ended.


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