Mindfulness Research


The Theory

Chapter 1: Emptiness

Chapter 2: Emptiness and Self

Chapter 3: The Quest for Certainty

Chapter 4: Continuity, Harmony and Consistency

Chapter 5: From Chaos to Order

Chapter 6: The Mind as a Matrix

Chapter 7: The Mind’s Flaw

Chapter 8: The Cleared Individual


The Practical

Chapter 1: The Descent into Mental Chaos

Chapter 2: Calming of the Chaotic Mind

Chapter 3: The Discipline of Mindfulness

Chapter 4: The Mindfulness Guide



Exercise 1: Discerning the Environment

Exercise 2: Accessibility of Memory

Exercise 3: Mindfulness (Set 1)

Exercise 4: Mindfulness (Set 2)

Exercise 5: Mindfulness (Set 3)

Exercise 6: Mindfulness (Set 4)

Exercise 7: Mindfulness Meditation

Exercise 8: Viewpoint Expansion

Exercise 9: Start, Stop and Change

Exercise 10: The Unassimilated Perceptions

Exercise 11: The Emotional Curve


Under Review


Mindfulness Discussions

Emptiness & Awareness

The Energy of Awareness

The Structure of “I”


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