The Cleared Individual



In this thesis we start from the fundamental principle of “order precipitating from chaos”. The precipitated order cumulatively forms this universe. As this universe has thus evolved, we have finally reached the miracle called man. But true to the fundamental principle man continues to evolve along with his environment.

All religions and philosophies have visualized an ideal state for man either through a belief in God, or through the practice of some discipline. They have described in detail how such a person would carry himself and what his conduct would be like.


The Cleared Individual

A cleared individual is not absolutely free of flaws, but he is very close to being completely rational. He has a mind in which perceptions continually break down into fine discriminative elements, and get freely associated and assimilated into an orderly mental matrix providing rational solutions.

The cleared individual does not avoid, resist, suppress or deny any thoughts, emotions, and sensations when thinking; and so he perceives things objectively with clarity. He is able to examine and overcome all prejudices, biases and fixations. He is keenly perceptive and knowledgeable and continues to explore new areas of knowledge.

The cleared individual is universal in his outlook. He rises above any idea of self or individuality. He is not subjective, self-centric, or human-centric. There are no conflicts within him. He would not hesitate to sacrifice himself if need be.

The cleared individual can look from the viewpoint of others as well as objectively from the viewpoint of all life and the environment. He continues to expand his understanding of the physical and spiritual aspects of the universe without resorting to superstitions.

The cleared individual is the first to realize his error and correct himself. Whenever he senses resistance or observes some oddity, he follows it up until it is cleared. If he suffers a painful experience, heavy loss, or confusion he is able to sort it out quietly in his mind.

The cleared individual is in good health and has no psychosomatic illnesses. He is purposeful in his demeanor, and graceful in his movements. He is strong and calm even in adversity. In no way is he trying to win or dominate, but he is passionately engaged in bringing order to his environment.

Above all, he is compassionate.



Now that we know what we are aiming for, the next chapter analyses the situation that we need to address.


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  • 2ndxmr  On February 4, 2017 at 4:32 PM

    Precise and well written. An excellent benchmark that can be used by a reasoning person to make their own evaluation as to their state and what they have to work towards to stably operate as a cleared individual.


    • vinaire  On February 4, 2017 at 4:40 PM

      Thank you, 2ndxmr. It is going to be part of a book that I am writing.


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