The Unassimilated Perceptions

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Reference: Mindfulness Approach


Normally the perceptions are continually assimilated in the mental matrix as they are received. The assimilated matrix then creates thoughts, which generate emotional charge to trigger required physical responses in the body.

The mental matrix in humans is extremely sensitive. Therefore, traumatic shocks are walled off to prevent damage. The perceptions of such shock then exist at the core of a node that cannot be assimilated in the mental matrix. This unassimilated node is an experience, complete with thoughts, emotions, and efforts, occupying a precise place in space and a moment in time. The contents of this node remain hidden from the person. A person is only aware of the data assimilated in the mental matrix.

The computations arising from a restimulated unassimilated node then impinge on the mental matrix. The person does not understand such computations, so he is forced to justify them. All irrational thinking, and the resulting obsessions and compulsions are generated by these computations.

The purpose of this mindfulness exercise is to locate the unassimilated nodes and help unveil their contents (which primarily consists of shocks). When these contents are allowed to assimilate with the rest of matrix, the irrational computations resolve and the consequent aberrations disappear.


EXERCISE: The Unassimilated Perceptions

PURPOSE: To locate the unassimilated node.

PREREQUISITE: In case of increasing discomfort return to the exercise Accessibility of Memory.

GUIDING PRINCIPLE: The Discipline of Mindfulness


  1. Focus your attention on the unwanted condition you want to resolve. Let the mind freely associate all data related to this condition without being directed.

  2. Let the unwanted condition narrow down to a specific situation that is persisting. Contemplate on this situation with the idea of locating the underlying computation.

  3. Let the underlying computation present itself. Contemplate until this computation narrows down to become very specific.

  4. Notice some obvious physical aberration, which is persisting because of that computation. Follow down the effort it will take to generate that aberration.

  5. Educate yourself in recalling efforts by making a present time effort and then recalling it.

  6. Focus on the effort required to generate the deficiency the person has. Contemplate on it until an incident from past comes up. This is the most critical step. It may take a long time.

  7. Contemplate on that incident in detail. Broaden your viewpoint as much as possible to look at every detail of this incident. Continue to do so until you recover the emotions encysted in that incident.

  8. Experience those emotions fully. Continue to experience them until all tension is discharged from those emotions. As you do so your tone may improve from apathy through grief, fear, anger, antagonism and boredom to cheerfulness.

  9. Focus on the postulates buried under those emotions. You need to recover these postulates to finally assimilate this “unassimilated node” into your mental matrix.

  10. Contemplate on these postulates to clean up all the anomalies associated with them. The ultimate relief comes when all anomalies are resolved.

  11. Continue with this exercise in, at least, 20 minutes long sessions until it is completed.


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