The Mindfulness Guide

Mindfulness Guide

Reference: Mindfulness Approach


The role of the mindfulness guide is to help reestablish the ability of a person to think for himself. This is done by resolving all unassimilated nodes in the person’s mental matrix. The mindfulness guide does not assert any control over the other person.

The mindfulness guide acts as follows when guiding another person.

ACT ONE: He must review his commitment to restore the other person’s ability to think for himself.

ACT TWO: He must establish himself simply as a guide in the mind of the other person, and not as some authority.

ACT THREE: His beginning actions are to clean up the anomalies currently absorbing the other person’s attention. He does that by listening to the other person and acknowledging his concerns. He then explains the discipline of mindfulness, and how it can handle the other person’s concerns.

ACT FOUR: His next action is to establish in the other person the understanding of the discipline of mindfulness through the exercises Mindfulness meditation and Discerning the Environment. He then helps the person unwind his mind through the exercise, Accessibility of Memory.

This approach shall help extrovert the person’s attention and help him think more clearly. This is especially vital for heavily introverted cases.

The mindfulness guide then helps the other person become a mindfulness practitioner by practicing subsequent exercises as laid out here.


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