Emptiness & Awareness

Reference: Mindfulness Approach


The physical field that fills the Emptiness as a disturbance, is aware of itself. The concept of field is well explored with scientific precision in physics. We may now explore the concept of awareness with equal precision in Buddhism and Scientology.

Whereas the electromagnetic field is the physical (MEST) aspect of the disturbance, the field of awareness is the spiritual (THETA) aspect of the same disturbance.

Thus, we have a categorization of reality into physical (MEST) and spiritual (THETA) characteristics.

The electromagnetic field is continually oscillating between electrical and magnetic characteristics. This continual alter-is-ness is necessary to separate the electromagnetic field from emptiness. The field of awareness must also oscillate continually for the same reason. It is postulated that awareness (field of theta) oscillates between perception and understanding.

Oscillations give substance not only to the physical energy field of electromagnetism, but also to the spiritual energy field of theta (awareness).

Perception starts out in the form of physical senses, but as it gets assimilated in the mental matrix it produces understanding. The degree of understanding, in turn, influences what the mind perceives. This interchange between perception and understanding becomes obvious in the natural tendency in people to seek out what agrees with them.

All substance has inertia. The characteristic of inertia is to maintain a certain status quo. Electromagnetic field has inertia in the sense that it maintains its frequency. Theta field of awareness also has inertia in the sense that it also maintains its frequency of specific awareness.

A theta field of awareness is also substantial with the property of INERTIA.

As the frequency increases, the oscillations become denser, and the cycles of oscillation shrink in wavelength. The increased “density” of oscillations shows up as increased inertia. The increase in inertia tends to make awareness more “solid” in the sense that it becomes increasingly fixated. This is represented in Scientology by the viewpoint moving down the Know-to-Mystery scale.

Increase in frequency makes the theta field of awareness more fixated.


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