The Energy of Awareness


Reference: Mindfulness Approach


Being a disturbance, the awareness that fills the emptiness is full of ACTIVITY. This activity is expressed as continual oscillations between two states—perception and consciousness. We may refer to this continual activity as the energy of awareness. This may translate as ALERTNESS.

These oscillations repeat themselves interminably. Each repetition is a CYCLE. The rate of repetition is referred to as the FREQUENCY of oscillations.

It is postulated that, like the field, awareness also consists of “constant energy per cycle”. So the alertness to frequency ratio is constant based on similarity of awareness to the field.

At this moment we lack the methods to measure either the alertness or the frequency of awareness numerically; but it is easy to verify that under situations that require increased alertness, one would be consulting one’s perceptions at a faster rate to obtain higher consciousness of the situation.


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