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The Definition of PTSness

Reference: Subject: Scientology Fundamentals

We shall look at the definitions of POTENTIAL TROUBLE SOURCE (PTS) and SUPPRESSIVE PERSON (SP) carefully from the Technical Dictionary. Apparently, an SP is the cause of suppression, and a PTS is the effect of suppression. We shall start by looking at the definition of SUPPRESS.


SUPPRESS, to squash, to sit on, to make smaller, to refuse to let reach, to make uncertain about his reaching, to render or lessen in any way possible by any means possible, to the harm of the individual and for the fancied protection of a suppressor. 

According to this definition we are looking at any activity that does not allow a person to be himself or herself. Instead, such an activity tries to destroy the beingness of the person. 

POTENTIAL TROUBLE SOURCE, 1. a person or preclear who “rollercoasters,” i.e., gets better, then worse. This occurs only when his connection to a suppressive person or group is unhandled and he must, in order to make his gains from Scn permanent, receive processing intended to handle such.

In order for the results from Scientology processing to last, any threat to a person’s beingness must be handled as a priority.

POTENTIAL TROUBLE SOURCE, 2. somebody who is connected with an SP who is invalidating him, his beingness, his processing, his life.

To handle the threat to one’s beingness, one must first identify the source of such threat. Such source is always a living entity. In Scientology, that source is called the SP (suppressive person).

POTENTIAL TROUBLE SOURCE, 3. means the case is going to go up and fall down. He’s a trouble source because he’s going to get upset. He’s a trouble source because he’s going to make trouble. And he’s trouble for the auditor and he’s trouble for us and he’s trouble for himself. 

A person whose beingness is under threat is not going to retain any benefits from auditing until that threat is handled. Until then he is gong to be trouble to Scientology organization that is auditing him.

POTENTIAL TROUBLE SOURCE, 4. it means someone connected to a person or group opposed to Scn. It is a technical thing. It results in illness and roller-coaster and is the cause of illness and roller-coaster. 

From Scientology perspective, the SP is opposed to the person getting better, and by extension, the SP is also opposed to Scientology activity that is trying to stabilize the person.

PTS, 1. means potential trouble source which itself means a person connected to a suppressive person. All sick persons are PTS. All pcs who roller-coaster (regularly lose gains) are PTS. Suppressive persons are themselves PTS to themselves.  

A PTS person is identifiable by his inability to hold on to his gains in auditing, because his beingness is constantly being invalidated by an SP.

PTS, 2. is the manifestation of a postulate—counter-postulate. 

The PTS person wants to be himself, but the SP is not allowing that.

PTS, 3. environmental menace that keeps something continuously keyed in. This can be a constant recurring somatic, a continual, recurring pressure or a mass. The menace in the environment is not imaginary in such extreme cases. 

To the PTS person the threat to his beingness appears as a diffused environmental menace because he is unable to identify the source of it. 

PTS TYPE A, a person intimately connected with persons (such as marital or familial ties) of known antagonism to mental or spiritual treatment or Scn. 

The source of threat that a PTS feels could be right there, but the PTS is blind to it. He may not be able to associate the threat to its source because he is in some relationship with it, and he can’t let go.

PTS TYPE ONE, the SP on the case is right in present time, actively suppressing the person. Type one is normally handled by an ethics officer in the course of a hearing.

When the SP on the case is right in present time, the handling is to get the PTS to recognize this fact.

PTS TYPE TWO, type two is harder to handle than type one, for the apparent suppressive person in present time is only a restimulator for the actual suppressive. The pc who isn’t sure, won’t disconnect, or still roller-coasters, or who doesn’t brighten up, can’t name any SP at all is a type two. 

But what appears to be an SP in present time, may only be a reminder of the real SP. So, it may require a search and discovery of the real SP.

PTS TYPE THREE, the type three PTS is mostly in institutions or would be. On this case the type two’s apparent SP is spread all over the world and is often more than all the people there are—for the person sometimes has ghosts about him or demons and they are just more apparent SPs but imaginary as beings as well. 

The PTS person may start seeing SPs everywhere. Such a person is so terrified that he or she is unable to function in life and may have to be institutionalized. 

SUPPRESSIVE PERSON, 1. he’s solving a present time problem which hasn’t in actual fact existed for the last many trillenia in most cases, and yet he is taking the actions in present time which solve that problem. The guy’s totally stuck in present time, that is the whole anatomy of psychosis. 

The SP is threatening the beingness of others around him in an effort to solve some imaginary problem. He is psychotic in this sense. He is stuck in some engram.

SUPPRESSIVE PERSON, 2. a person who rewards only down statistics and never rewards an up statistic. He goofs up or vilifies any effort to help anybody and particularly knifes with violence anything calculated to make human beings more powerful or intelligent. A suppressive automatically and immediately will curve any betterment activity into something evil or bad.

The SP is not logical in his thinking. He harbors great fear against anybody getting better than him.

SUPPRESSIVE PERSON, 3. a person who doesn’t get case gain because of continuing overts.

An SP does not get better because he is continually engaged in committing harmful acts.

SUPPRESSIVE PERSON, 4. the person is in a mad, howling situation of some yesteryear and is “handling it” by committing overt acts today. I say condition of yesteryear but this case thinks it’s today. 

An SP is living with an engram completely controlling his mind.

SUPPRESSIVE PERSON, 5 . an SP is a no-confront case because, not being in his own valence he has no viewpoint from which to erase anything. That is all an SP is.

An SP is simply acting out some valence in his engram.

SUPPRESSIVE PERSON, 6. those who are destructively antisocial. 

In an SP, the thinking is completely mechanical, so no social activity flows from it.

SUPPRESSIVE PERSON, 7. a person with certain behavior characteristics and who suppresses other people in his vicinity and those other people when he suppresses them become PTS or potential trouble sources.  

An SP is threatening the beingness of others around him as part of acting out some past engram. Those whose beingness is threatened cannot hold on to their gains in auditing and become troublesome to those who are trying to help them.

SUPPRESSIVE PERSON, 8. is one that actively seeks to suppress or damage Scn or a Scientologist by suppressive acts.

An SP then starts to threaten those who are trying to help, such as, Scientology and Scientologists.

SUPPRESSIVE PERSON, 9. a person who has had a counter – postulate to the pc you are handling.

An SP is at the other end of the troublesome preclear you are trying to handle.



DEFINITION: An anomaly is any violation of the integrity of reality, such as, discontinuity (missing data), inconsistency (contradictory data), or disharmony (arbitrary data). An anomaly flags the presence of a hidden impression on the mind in the form of an assumption. When the assumption is discovered, one becomes aware of the underlying impression. This awareness produces a realization that resolves the anomaly.

The Scientology Organizations have declared many people on their lines, and on their staff, as SPs because they were difficult to manage. The number of such instances is so large that it points to a weakness in the application of Scientology itself. This requires a clear statement of PTSness.



With subject clearing, the state of PTSness appears to be as follows:

PTSness occurs when a person feels threatened about his or her beingness. This may also extend to a person who is feeling threatened about an aberrated beingness.The latter would be the condition of SPness. So, the conditions of PTSness and SPness are closely tied together and should be carefully assessed for proper handling.

Subject Clearing shall be immensely useful in handling this condition in either of its form of PTSness or SPness.



Reference: Subject: Scientology Fundamentals

Any exteriorization must be preceded by interiorization. We shall, therefore, start by looking at the definitions of INTERIORIZATION carefully from the Technical Dictionary

INTERIORIZATION, 1. interiorization means going into it too fixedly, and becoming part of it too fixedly. It doesn’t mean just going into your head.

Who or what is going into the head, or into something, too fixedly? Normally, this concept is applied to a thetan, which is a non-physical aspect of an individual,  such as, the viewpoint or the attention. So what does it mean for the viewpoint or attention to go into it too fixedly, and becoming part of it too fixedly? What does it mean to have viewpoint or attention going into the head?

INTERIORIZATION, 2. if the havingness of the preclear is low, he is apt to close in tight to the body because this gives him more havingness and if the preclear fears that the body is going to go out of control he will also move in closer to the body. Thus we get interiorization as no more complicated than fear of loss of control and drops in havingness.

If a person’s havingness is low, then, his attention will go to what he does have and in preventing further loss. This is interiorization. We may define interiorization as having the purpose of preventing loss of control. 


Now that we have some grasp of interiorization, we may now look at the definitions of EXTERIORIZATION.

EXTERIORIZATION, 1. the state of the thetan, the individual himself, being outside his body. When this is done, the person achieves a certainty that he is himself and not his body. 

Since thetan is not something physical, “the state of thetan being outside the body” means that the viewpoint or attention of the person is not fixated on controlling the body any more. He is so confident and relaxed about his inherent state that he isn’t worried about controlling the body. The body continues to operate per the natural laws. This is much more than the “certainty that he is himself and not his body.”

EXTERIORIZATION, 2. the phenomenon of being in a position in space dependent on only one’s consideration, able to view from that space, bodies and the room, as it is. 

The thetan, inherently, has no position. Instead, it gives position to the bodies and the room by means of consideration.

EXTERIORIZATION, 3 . the act of moving out of the body with or without full perception. 

The thetan is no a physical thing, so the correct interpretation of “moving out of the body” is something non-physical. The thetan simply stop considering that the body must be a fixed position relative to it. In other words, the thetan simply lets go of its considerations about the body.



DEFINITION: An anomaly is any violation of the integrity of reality, such as, discontinuity (missing data), inconsistency (contradictory data), or disharmony (arbitrary data). An anomaly flags the presence of a hidden impression on the mind in the form of an assumption. When the assumption is discovered, one becomes aware of the underlying impression. This awareness produces a realization that resolves the anomaly.

It is generally thought that the thetan moves out of the body during death or during out-of-body experiences. This is an anomaly because thetan is not something physical. The thetan does not have a location. Instead, it provides location to all things, including the body, by consideration. After all, subject clearing provides the Definition of THETAN as follows:

Thetan is the individuality associated with a body-mind system. It is a unit of theta that manifests in the viewpoint and activities of the person. Thetan, as a viewpoint, has a position on the Know-to-Mystery scale.



Since thetan is not something physical, “the state of thetan being outside the body” means that the viewpoint or attention of the person is not fixated on controlling the body any more. He is so confident and relaxed about his inherent state that he isn’t worried about controlling the body. The body continues to operate per the natural laws. This is much more than the “certainty that he is himself and not his body.”

With subject clearing, the state of exteriorization appears to be as follows:

Exteriorization is the phenomena of the attention being free of any fixed considerations about the body. The viewpoint is, therefore, free to postulate the position of the body, and its environment, at any distance relative to itself.


The Mathematical Factors

These Factors are taken from page 123 of the book CRITIQUE OF PURE SCIENTOLOGY by Caspar Gerardus Marinus de Rijk. They are accompanied by my comments in color.


The Mathematical Factors 2.0

(Rev. 25 October 2021)

1. Before the beginning and forever there is nothing.

2. And the entire secret is that nothing did not, not exist.

3. Nothing existed.

4. And the nothing was called zero, an ontological zero.

“Ontological zero” is the same concept as Hubbard’s Theta, because theta is zero in terms of MEST. The baseline is: THETA EXISTS WITHOUT BEGINNING OR END.

5. Zero is another view of infinity
If there is nothing, everything is possible.

Zero and infinity are the concepts in MEST dimension. This factor means that Theta can manifest in all possible ways. The postulate is: THETA HAS INFINITE POTENTIAL.

6. It is immaterial and exists beyond space-time.
Thus had no beginning and no end, thus eternal.

Being immaterial and existing beyond space-time simply means that THETA DOES NOT SHARE ITS CHARACTERISTICS WITH MEST.

7. It was dimensionless (a mathematical point)
Just like Descartes said: mind has no extension.


8. Zero is the domain of the mind.


9. In the nothing are the numbers equating to zero.
(-∞ – 0) + (0 – ∞) = 0


10. All mathematical equations balance to zero.

I am not quite sure what this means in the ontological sense. It could imply that there is conversion between Theta and MEST; and that the net conversion is zero. Or, it could mean that the products of various interactions within Theta dimension are all zero in terms of the MEST dimension.

11. Zero is the singularity as nothing existed before the Big Bang.
The singularity=roughly equivalent to static in scientology.

The implication here is that Theta existed first and MEST proceeded from it at the moment of Big Bang. In my opinion, both THETA and MEST have existed as the dimensions of the universe without beginning or end.

12. Implicit in the singular zero is an infinity of zeroes.
There is no reason why there would not be an infinity of zeroes, if one zero already implies infinity, it follows that zero must contain an infinity of zeroes. The zeroes=monads or thetans in Scientology.

The consideration here is that there are infinity of potentials in the dimension of Theta, called thetans. Each thetan has infinite potential of its own. In my opinion, every entity in this universe has Theta and MEST dimensions. The Theta dimension represents the beingness of the entity. The MEST dimension represents the body of the entity. The beingness has evolved in humans to have abilities that are yet to be fully explored.

13. Zero is an existential plenitude of infinite potentials.

In other words, human beingness has infinite potential. In my opinion, we have to explore the human potential and find out what it is.

14. The physical universe stems from these mathematical points but have ® > 0.
A mathematical point is a circle with radius ® zero, between zero and infinity we find the physical world.

The implication seems to be that Theta produces MEST. In my opinion, Theta and MEST are the two dimensions of the universe. Neither dimension produces the other dimension.

15. The ground state or native state of the singularity is unconscious an infinite potential for knowledge.

I am not sure what the word “unconscious” is doing there. The implication seems to be that all knowledge exists potentially in Theta. In my opinion, all knowledge exists in the dimension of Theta whether it is potential or actual.

16. And this goes for each of the zeroes which are all alive and sentient.

Here zero seems to be limited to human beingness (thetan) only. No other beingness is included.

17. The zeroes evolve from sentience to intelligence and self-consciousness.

The potential of theta manifests itself as thetan evolves.

18. The evolution goes from full potential to full actualization.

This potential manifests to its full extent.

19. Information consists of numbers and/or waves or energy

This is a comment on information. To me, anything that you can perceive is information.

20. The mind (zero domain) processes information (sinusoidal waves, or higher dimensional vortices) (numbers) to then experience that information as feelings, sensations, perceptions, adventures etc. in space-time.

The mind, a manifestation of theta, experiences this information as feelings, sensations, perceptions, adventures etc. 


The Statement of Theta-MEST Theory

Reference: Subject: Scientology Fundamentals

THETA-MEST THEORY is central to Scientology. Let’s look at its “definitions” from the TECHNICAL DICTIONARY and other works of L. Ron Hubbard, carefully.

THETA-MEST THEORY, 1. a theory generated by myself in the fall of 1950 as an effort to explain (just a theory) the phenomena of an analyzer working in one direction and a reactive mind working in quite another, the reactive mind being interesting, and the analyzer being interested.  

Here Theta refers to the analytical mind that thinks in a self-determined manner, and becomes interested. MEST refers to the reactive mind that thinks in a  mechanical fashion, and becomes interesting.

THETA-MEST THEORY, 2. the idea is that life is a no-substance thing, up against a physical universe which is a substance thing. Here is nothingness up against a somethingness interacting where the nothingness or the no-substance thing is actually giving orders to and handling the all substance thing, the physical universe. 

Here Theta represents life as a no-substance thing; and MEST represents the universe as a substance thing. Theta is up against MEST. Theta is interacting with MEST and  ordering and handling it. 

Hubbard assumes that the universe is made up of MEST only. Theta is “no-substance” only from the viewpoint of MEST as “substance”. 

THETA-MEST THEORY, 3. the idea that there was a universe and that there was thought—theta without wave-length, without mass, without time, without position in space: this was life. And that was impinged upon something else called the physical universe, which was a mechanical entity which did things in a peculiar way, and these two things together, theta-mest interacting, gave us life forms. (PXL, p. 140)

Here we have MEST as the dimension of universe, and Theta as the dimension of thought. Theta is devoid of the  MEST properties of mass, energy, space and time. Theta is regarded as life; MEST is regarded as a mechanical entity. Theta is completely different from MEST. It impinges on MEST and gives us life forms.

Hubbard assumes that the source of life comes from outside the universe. He does not see the universe as something alive. His viewpoint of the universe is narrow in the sense that he excludes the source of life from it.


The following data on Theta-MEST theory is quoted from the book SCIENTOLOGY 8-8008, by L. Ron Hubbard.

SCN 8-8008, 1. Scientology is essentially a study of statics and kinetics. If anything, it is more exact than what are called the physical sciences, for it is dealing with a theoretical static and a theoretical kinetic which are at the opposite ends of a spectrum of all motion. … In Scientology, the static is represented by the mathematical symbol theta; the kinetic is called MEST.

Hubbard postulates MEST to be all motion, and Theta to be static with respect to MEST. In other words, Theta and MEST are two different dimensions that do not overlap in their characteristics. This is indeed an original contribution of Hubbard.

SCN 8-8008, 2. The capabilities of the static are not limited. The static interacts with the kinetic which is considered to be the ultimate of motion. 

The capabilities of Theta are unlimited. Theta interacts with MEST.

Hubbard uses theta and static interchangeably; whereas static is actually the key property postulated for theta. This creates confusion.

SCN 8-8008, 3. The original of the Theta-MEST theory may be found in Science of Survival 1951. After the concept of the true static was reached, problems of processing began to solve much more rapidly, and the main proof of the Theta-MEST theory is its workability and the fact that it predicted an enormous amount of phenomena which, when looked for, were found to exist and which, when applied, resolved cases rapidly.

The realization that Theta and MEST are two very basic and different dimensions, resolved many confusions.

SCN 8-8008, 4. Theta can be the property or beingness of any individual and is, for our purposes, considered to be individualistic for each individual. MEST stands for matter, energy, space and time, and is a composite of the first letter of each. The word MEST appearing all by itself denotes the physical universe. MEST with a designation word after it designates another’s universe.

Hubbard associates Theta with the beingness of the individual. He assumes that the body is part of the MEST universe. 

Hubbard assumes the beingness to actually separate from the body during out-of-body experiences and death. This, together with the memories from past lives, allows Hubbard to rationalize that the beingness of the individual is immortal.

SCN 8-8008, 5. It is now considered that the origin of MEST lies with theta itself, and that MEST, as we know the physical universe, is a product of theta.

Hubbard considers MEST to be the product of Theta.

This supports the long standing religious belief, which says, “God created the World.” Opposing this belief is the scientific reasoning, which says, “Man created the idea of God.” Here we have a very basic anomaly.



DEFINITION: An anomaly is any violation of the integrity of reality, such as, discontinuity (missing data), inconsistency (contradictory data), or disharmony (arbitrary data). An anomaly flags the presence of a hidden impression on the mind in the form of an assumption. When the assumption is discovered, one becomes aware of the underlying impression. This awareness produces a realization that resolves the anomaly.

Hubbard assumes the universe to be physical (MEST) and the source of life (THETA) to be external to it like God in the western religions. This maintains the long standing anomaly between religious thinking and scientific reasoning.

This anomaly can be resolved easily by taking a broader view of the universe in which THETA and MEST are the dimensions of the universe. In this broader view, neither MEST is the product of Theta, nor Theta is the product of MEST. 

Thus, the individual beingness is a unique configuration of Theta and MEST. Past memories can be explained in terms of the programming contained in the DNA molecule much like that in a seed.



Resolution occurs when we adopt a broad view of an all-encompassing universe from which nothing is excluded. Theta (spiritual) and MEST (physical) together describe the characteristics of this universe.

With subject clearing, the basic statement of Theta-MEST theory appears as follows:

THETA and MEST are two dimensions of the universe, which, together, explain not only all the phases of matter and its motion, but also the whole spectrum of living organisms and life.


A History of Man: Chapter Ten

Reference: A History of Man

This paper presents CHAPTER TEN from the book SCIENTOLOGY: A HISTORY OF MAN by L. RON HUBBARD. The contents are from the original publication of this book in 1952.

The paragraphs of the original material (in black) are accompanied by brief comments (in color) based on the present understanding.  Feedback on these comments is appreciated.

The heading below is linked to the original materials.



THE TRANSFER is the single most important phase of TECHNIQUE 88.

It is a circumstance rather than an incident. It is a specific action of the thetan with regard to a MEST body. It is the swing of the thetan from out of the body where he belongs into the body where he is thereafter in trouble. THE TRANSFER is the action of going into the MEST body.

THE TRANSFER is the action of going into the MEST body. Hubbard, later, called it INTERIORIZATION. Basically, it is the attention getting fixated on the body. This is taken up on the Int-Ext RD.

Except in deaths or severe accidents or operations you won’t find a transfer out. Your task in auditing is to find and run all the transfers into bodies in order to achieve a self-determined, fully alive transfer out.

To “transfer out” is to unfix the attention on the body. The next step would be to unfix the attention on the self.

WHERE is the thetan? Contrary to any past practice, his second-best place is just outside the MEST body monitoring it with direct contact on the MEST body’s motor controls on either side of the head. His very best place of course, is out of contact with the MEST body entirely and fully alive as “I.” His worst place is inside the MEST body.

With subject clearing, the definition of thetan becomes: “Thetan is the individuality associated with a body-mind system that has a position on the Know-to-Mystery scale. It may be considered a unit of theta that manifests in the viewpoint and activities of the person.”

The thetan, in most cases, is behind and above the MEST body. In many cases he shifts position rather often even in one incident. Now and then he is found to run the body from in front of it. This causes a direction reversal on the part of the person so that he doesn’t know right from left—people can teach him continually but he will still say his right is his left and his left is his right, and so it is, for “I” in this person is the thetan and the thetan is in front, facing the MEST body and right is the thetan’s right, of course.

There are cases where the thetan is barely or hardly ever in contact with the body. These cases can be considered quite aberrated, the thetan seeing the body from across the room or the street, convinced that he is the body but unable to do anything about it. There are cases where the thetan is inside the body continually, but this is to say that he isn’t a thetan at all but degenerated into an entity—and we find this is in those low-tone wide open cases, full on but raving psychotics or nearly so.

The basic aberration of a person is his or her fixation on the body and the self.

A thetan is pretty bad off if he thinks all he can do is run a MEST body. This alone is a half-transfer. He hasn’t gone into the body yet forever thereafter, perhaps, to be an entity, but he has achieved the level of degradation where he thinks the MEST body is more important than he is and that he IS the MEST body; he has become propitiative toward the body to a point where he is a servant, where it becomes him in his eyes.

A body is just the external form of the self. A thetan is the result of an interiorization into self.

A full transfer occurs many times in the span of a thetan, but it is not permanent until he enters the body to stay in there from there on.

Interiorization into self becomes interiorization into body.

In doing a DED a thetan catches the sorrow waves of the body he is wronging, feels sorry for it and then, for one reason or another, merges into it. This is a temporary transfer. But after a few of these he will become obsessed with being the monitor of a MEST body and will devote all his time to it. Then he will suppose that his only method of perceiving is through MEST perceptics, his only method of emoting is through MEST emotions. And he comes way on down the scale, becomes a servant, feels so degraded that he is himself nothing and the MEST body everything and so tends it continually. Eventually he will merge with it in a permanent transfer and that is probably the end of the thetan, the genetic entity and company thereafter perhaps running from within, perhaps in the next life being picked up by a new thetan. Thetans are continually being pumped into the MEST line. They do not last very long. The “I” of the individual is the thetan.

“I” is the viewpoint of the individual body-mind system. It is not necessarily interiorized. It has a position somewhere on the Know-to-Mystery scale. “I” is completely analytical when it is at Know; and completely reactive when it is at Mystery. “I” is in complete mystery when it thinks it is a whole-track valence called thetan.

The foregoing paragraph contains steps which the auditor must know. This is the cycle he is trying to work out of the case.

Auditing will be fully successful only when “I” realizes that the thetan is just a whole-track valence.

You will find many conditions occurring in the TRANSFER. There is another type of transfer, the switch transfer wherein a thetan, to protect the body he has assumed changes in sudden moments his control to a person startling or attacking the thetan’s property. This can become very bad and very involved. It happens in families and amongst friends and when they part or somebody dies, the thetan is suddenly bereft of some of the property he was controlling and so carries on as if MEST was important.

The above TRANSFER is much later on the chain. The first TRANSFER occurs when “the thetan breaks off from the theta body.” This is the point of interiorization into self.

The CONTROL TRANSFER is a specialized kind of transfer wherein the thetan, having devoted himself to a MEST body now begins to control the environment and other people for his body much as he controls the body. Having forgotten his skills and having many brands of aberration, whereby he will transfer permanently, at least some of his control, he yet adventures to reach out energy-wise and start to control other people than his own body and also attempt to control MEST objects and motions. He is at first very capable in this but, having aberrations which cause him to stick on things, his control of the environment becomes too extended. When he loses some of the environment he conceives that he has lost some of his ability to control. We get then a dwindling of control along all the dynamics MEST body but only some small part of it. A thetan without aberration could safely enter into and control the whole environment, lose widely and reassume control. A thetan very aberrated will get restimulated when he loses some control of the environment and won’t thereafter try to control that type of thing or person again. These control transfers and their losses will be found widely in any case and are almost as important as auditing control of the first dynamic.

In a CONTROL TRANSFER, the thetan occupies the environment also, in addition to the body.

As you run facsimiles you will find that there are those seen by the preclear as though within himself and those seen by the preclear as though outside himself. Audit the latter to audit the thetan. Audit the former and you audit only entities.

A thetan is one, which sees things outside himself.

CONFUSION OF IDENTITY is a primary problem with preclears. Now that WHO the preclear is can be established and WHERE he is can be seen by the preclear as he runs facsimiles, this confusion can be resolved. But do not expect to solve it for the preclear rapidly. And do not expect to be right yourself the first time.

According to Hubbard, a person’s CONFUSION OF IDENTITY is resolved when he spots the thetan in the incidents.

TECHNIQUE 88 is an E-meter technique. It can be run without an E-meter, but this permits all manner of dodging and evading. And there are usually six or ten entirely different banks in any preclear beside his own—lots of places to dodge into. But SCIENTOLOGY 8-8008 solves all this for you.

The entities all have banks. Now these are either stolen banks (from some other thetan long ago as in BORROWING) or they are the identity of this entity. We aren’t much interested in auditing entities except when auditing one can reduce rapidly a physical somatic or physical ill— easily done for the entities hold these in present time and they will audit in present time. A thetan high enough to be outside the body to a normal control distance is not going to hold a facsimile in restimulation just to hurt or injure his body. Only an entity will do this or a thetan who has transferred all the way into the body—which makes him an entity and thereafter he will behave like one (no work, high ARC with groups in order to upset them covertly, etc., etc.)

Entity is a mid-level DNA program that is half-way between stimulus-response and intelligent.

You will find an understanding of your thetan’s goals a little helpful in making sure you are auditing the thetan. He was quite old when he first fixated on the idea of controlling MEST bodies. That was not too long ago if he is still operating just outside the body (about arm’s length). One of the reasons he fixated on a MEST body was because he was terribly bored.

There is a considerable liability to being a thetan from the standpoint that one is quite immortal. Even death cycles will look good to a thetan whose aberrations have reduced him down from the goals and hopes he once had. Now he begins to have hopes for a MEST body. This body will grow and die but at least it will change. Aberrations cut this thetan down to a point where he couldn’t see any change possible, could not see his own goals would ever be attained; so he fixated on a MEST body, became involved in the pure mechanics of operating and caring for one, became more aberrated by contagion from the entities in that body and the uncertainty of life in a mortal being, lost his goals as a MEST body, finally became pretty sordidly sick of the whole thing.

Now, magically, you uncover for this thetan six or eight banks full of seventy trillion years or less of incident. The thetan is a wizard at liking to act at being somebody else. That got him into believing he himself was a MEST body. Well, it will also get him into believing he is any one of the entity banks you uncover. And he will let you audit these things until doomsday. Vicarious existence, better than a motion picture.

But ask this thetan to confront the existence which he shudderingly forsook? Never! It was boring. He’s been through all that. He actually knows what happened to him, but it was bad enough to make him wish to forget it until he forgot it. He’ll say he’s this entity or that. He’ll be happy, in preference to facing his own past, to just go on and perish as a MEST body.

There are two remedies for this. The first is the E-meter. That is an unequaled remedy. You can find out the identity of every bank in the preclear and know that the thetan isn’t any one of them. You can find out the first to last transfers. You can discover the location of every incident the thetan should run.

Now in using the E-meter you will discover something strange with regard to the thetan. At first the meter will be much more active on the entities than on the thetan himself. For one thing, the thetan should be OUTSIDE the body. For another, the thetan would rather look over and shove into view incidents he himself has never before seen. He’ll help you audit these entities endlessly.

People who keep running incidents without any recourse to an E-meter will achieve much with the body, very little with the thetan— hence there is no rise in tone although the auditing hours continue to stretch out. In people who continually self-audit without direction, the thetan is just being very propitiative toward MEST bodies and is giving the entities a wonderful work-out. The body gets better sometimes. The thetan never gets better. And he is “I.”

Hubbard is pointing out the difficulties in finding the thetan and his bank.

The behavior of the thetan in the past was often copied after something he took from the entities. He found an entity role would restimulate, he became the actor and performed the role. He left his own bank alone and neglected although there were aberrations to dramatize there too. (And by the way, you will find the thetan occasionally trying to stop the body from dramatizing out of entity banks).

The thetan bank, the one you want, will give you less active needle response than the entity banks when you first start auditing. This is a sort of negative sorting. But you may have to audit an entity or two because of the way the entity has the body stuck on the track.

The point is to find the thetan bank and audit it. The conflict in this person derives from the ambitions of the thetan being balked by the laziness and stupidity and desire for death and destruction on the part of the entities. You can audit any side of this conflict you want. But by simply making the thetan sufficiently strong, the entities become cowed and won’t act up or even drop out and leave.

You don’t have to audit the entities. Just make the thetan strong.

The other answer is to clean up present life with attention to all transfers in it, all switch transfers, all control transfers. Audit the thetan handling the body until you have the current life well up.

From Subject Clearing approach, just audit and free up all the fixations. Fixations are flagged by anomalies.

You will find that you will have to start by giving the preclear a drill to locate where the thetan is. Simply run him up and down the track through various incidents, with good attention to attention unit running, each time locating the thetan outside the body and handling it. The preclear will get a dim concept of the handling but he will get a good concept of the location of the thetan. Now, in the current lifetime, locate the thetan being distracted from his task by noises or arguments in the environment.

Run the sympathy of the thetan for the body, the refusal of the thetan to feel sympathy at times. And run in particular antagonisms or angers from the body at other bodies, from the other bodies at the thetan’s body. Get all the DED-DEDEX computations out of the way and then audit the thetan entrance somewhere around the time of birth. It isn’t an entrance, it’s a possession of the motor controls.

This kind of auditing recommended by Hubbard, simply serves to fix the attention on body and the thetan. So, the person does not free himself from interiorization. This is a self-defeating approach. If you take the subject clearing approach of handling the anomalies, it keeps your attention free from interiorization.

When you have this thetan in good shape for this lifetime he will be strong enough, usually, to tackle NIPS, BLANKETINGS, BORROWINGS. But don’t be amazed when you run your first of these to find that the thetan has been using an entity bank. Any borrowing, however, is good to run. Any blanketing on the second dynamic shows your preclear once and for all that he IS a theta being without a body by showing him an incident to that effect.

Fixation on theta being is part of the problem of interiorization.

If the case is incapable of finding the thetan in current life, then take the youngest entity and audit it.

It generally is the thetan but transferred inside the body.

How long it will take you to audit a preclear to theta clear one cannot say. The route reaches high very quickly. Using this know-how and 80 you will attain a MEST clear in a very short time. Aside from inaccessible persons and psychotics in general, most cases should become MEST clear in a few weeks of hard auditing.

The anomaly is that the Mest clear and the Theta clear has not happened in a big way since this book was written 70 years ago in 1952.

NOTE: The History of Man auditing techniques became part of later Clearing Course and OT materials. So, these materials are very much part of current Scientology, one way or another.