TR0 with Mindfulness

Mindfulness TR0

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

TR0 is simply a version of the ancient exercise of meditation. It is the very first exercise in Scientology. It is the first exercise in Subject Clearing too but with mindfulness.

“TR” stands for training routine. “0” stands for a reference point on a scale. Thus, TR0 serves as the fundamental reference point for all other training in Scientology, and also in Subject Clearing.

People get wonderful results on TR0, when they naturally apply the Law of Non-Interference as related to mindfulness. The purpose of mindfulness is, “To be there with total attention so you can see things as they are.”

In the context of assisting another person, one should be able to see exactly what is going on with the other person. This requires that the person learn to be totally comfortable in the presence of another person. But before he can do that, he should learn to be comfortable with himself.


Confronting Oneself

The first part of TR0 is “OT TR0, Operating Thetan Confronting.” You use it to confront yourself and the impressions in your mind.

Here the student is not really confronting the other person because his eyes are closed. But he could be confronting his fear of being in the presence of another person. Before he can do that, the student must also learn to be comfortable with himself.

Everybody has skeletons in their closet. These are the things the person does not want others to find out about him, even when they are trivial. The student needs to confront all such things about himself that make him flinch and withdraw. He must be comfortable with himself before he can be comfortable with others.

Hence, the missing gradient in Scientology TR0 is that the student needs to learn to confront himself before he can learn to confront another person.

This can be accomplished by using The 12 Aspects of Mindfulness with OT TR0.


Confronting Another Person

You actually confront another person on the second part of TR0 called “TR 0 Confronting.”

This is not a simple exercise. It makes the student confront his social machinery, which is not easy to do. If ‘TR0 Confronting’ becomes a bit overwhelming, one may go back to ‘OT TR0’, until one can do both parts of TR0 comfortably.


Please Note

In the Subject Clearing version, the TR0 exercises requires two students who are practicing TR0. There is no coaching other than supporting each other by simply being present. The two students may not be the same each time. The pairing can keep on changing.

The longer is the TR0 session (uninterrupted), the more beneficial it is. You can start with a 20 minute session and build it up to a session that lasts for 2 hours or more. Do it daily until you can do both parts comfortably.  After that you may extend this exercise by one week at a time, depending on its merit.

You may then either go to a new exercise that is available, or go back to a previous exercise, already completed, to consolidate the results.

When returning to a previous exercise always do it for at least one week, and then extend it by one week at a time, depending on its merit.


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