The Unknowable of the Eighth Dynamic

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The Scientific Method

We don’t know everything. We find that there are gaps in what we know. To fill those gaps we make a postulate and develop a theory based on it. The theory then predicts phenomenon, which, if verified, validates the theory and the postulate. If it cannot be verified, then one goes back to the drawing board. This is the scientific method. Using this method we build up a network of postulates and considerations consistent with what we observe. 

But how far can we go with this system. Can we know everything?


Dimensions and Duality

If we know everything, there would be no doubts, perplexities and confusions. There would be total certainty. There would not be any unanswered questions. One would be able to resolve any suffering; and a perfect life would be achievable.

But the universe is not unipolar. It has dimensions; and each dimension is made up of gradients that lead to two opposites. If there is perfection, there must also be imperfection. If there are things known, then there must be things unknown. If there are aspects of this universe that are knowable, then there must also be aspects that are unknowable.  


Knowable and Unknowable

It is this Unknowable that Hinduism have labeled Brahman, and Judaism has labeled YHVH. It is the Unknowable that generates the knowable. The unknowable forms the background of all that is knowable. 

If you look carefully, you will find that everything you know is based on your considerations. Yes, there are sensations that you pick up; but, then, your considerations interpret them for you. So, you only know your considerations. Beyond those considerations lies the unknowable. Hinduism defines Brahman as THAT which is not the outcome of any consideration. Judaism forbids the original pronunciation of YHVH.


Auditing the Unknowable

When we are resolving anomalies, we are auditing the Unknowable. The unknowable trickles into our consciousness in the form of intuition and becomes knowable. This process is endless.

Here is what Herbert Spencer wrote on the subject of Unknowable.

Durant 1926: The Unknowable (Herbert Spencer)

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The above may be looked upon as the auditing of the Eighth Dynamic, which was outlined by Hubbard but not explained. To audit, subject clear the above data.


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