The Nature of Matter

Reference: The Universe and Physical Elements

Cycles and Substance

The universe is substantial therefore it has substance. In the outermost cycle, this substance is spread out so widely that it is extremely thin and may only be felt as primeval awareness of beingness. As the universe evolves, and the cycles shrink and become more numerous, this substance also thickens, and there is increasing awareness of beingness and activity. As the universe evolves further, and cycles really shrink and become infinitely numerous, the substance has become so thick that it appears solid. The awareness evolves to certainty of beingness, activity and havingness of material forms.


Matter & Quantum Particles

That aspect of substance, which appears to us as solid, is called MATTER. It is what makes up the nucleus of an atom. The nucleus acts as the anchor for the whole atom. Similarly, matter acts as the anchor for the whole universe. We are enveloped by matter, which is the layer of the universe most obvious to our senses. Beyond this layer of matter lies rest of the universe, that we try to perceive through metaphysics and religion. Hopefully, science will investigate that aspect of the universe.

Matter has the property of appearing discrete. From the smallest atom to the largest material object, there is a boundary that defines matter. But when we get down to the atom, we find the nucleus surrounded by quantum particles. The word “particle” is a misnomer in the context of “quantum.” These “quantum particles” are not solid. They have a diffused boundary. They are more like a “thick fluid.” The word “quantum” refers to some characteristic of substance, which is not “mass.” We may call it some sort of a “viscous substance” that can exert pressure. Even light can exert pressure, as discovered in science. 

We happen to refer to this quantum substance as “energy,” which is a bad choice of a label, but we are stuck with it. The word “energy” when applied to matter, differentiates matter from its motion. But when the word “energy” is applied to light, light itself is identified as motion—the differentiation between what is moving and its motion is lost. 


Rigidity & Center of Mass

Matter reacts mechanically per the Newton’s laws of motion. But the laws of Newton apply to a “center of mass” that represents “rigid matter with fixed boundary.” There is no center of mass when one considers a “quantum particle,” because there is no rigidity with fixed boundary. Here we have a discovery of “soft mass” that has no equivalent in the material world. Newton’s laws of motion do not apply to it. Electromagnetic laws apply only to a special quantum particle called “electron.” Different laws apply to extremely diffused quantum particle called “photon” of light.

To call quantum particles of different types as “soft mass,” and associate with them the property of inertia in a general way, is the logical thing to do as hinted at A Logical Approach to Theoretical Physics. But this is a very novel idea in Physics. So far it has not been acceptable to physicists. I have been laughed at or ignored for suggesting this idea on

The nature of matter is, essentially, being “rigid with a fixed boundary.” As matter loses its rigidity and fixedness of boundary, for example, in the quantum state, it loses it meaning, and is incorrectly replaced by the idea of energy.



  1. A Logical Approach to Theoretical Physics


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  • Chris Thompson  On September 10, 2022 at 9:33 AM

    Hopefully, science will investigate that aspect of the universe.

    We have been investigating that aspect since the beginning of our time!

    And what is it that we have been investigating? We have been investigating that which we do not understand. To the degree that we have been able to make direct observations, Man has accumulated a body of high-probability knowledge called science.

    “Spiritual” is an area of observation and understanding that has yielded space to the higher probability regions understanding brought about by knowledge. Like the electronics of a diode, or the event horizon of a black ⚫️ hole, information passing through either of these filters passes in one direction only.

    Spiritual information is synonymous with filter terms like dark energy and dark matter. These are terms both coined to to describe single direction filters that tell us, “Here on our side of understanding is knowledge. There, on the other side of these linguistic filters, lie things and events which we predict to exist, but for which we have not science.

    I like the idea of calling science, “high probability knowledge.” It leaves the door open a crack for corrections.


    • vinaire  On September 10, 2022 at 10:03 AM

      Science has always been subject to evolution and corrections. I am trying to correct the definition of “energy” here.


      • Chris Thompson  On September 10, 2022 at 10:48 AM

        Yes, I see that.

        I am currently studying the heat gathering and retention capabilities of CO2.

        You may find find the reporting of scientific current events on the Anton Petrov YouTube channel to be of interest and of help in your endeavors.


        • vinaire  On September 10, 2022 at 12:21 PM

          In case of CO2, we are dealing with a SUBSTANCE made up of carbon and oxygen atoms. Heat essentially consists of MOTION. High heat retention capability will consist of a large number of modes of vibration.

          Apparently, CO2 has a large number of modes of vibrations that allows it to gather and retain large frequencies of motion (or large amount of heat) from outside.


        • Chris Thompson  On September 10, 2022 at 5:39 PM

          CO2 is a basic “greenhouse” gas due to its 3-atom configuration. Water vapor is also a greenhouse gas because of its minimum 3-atom configuration. However, if the coefficient of heat of CO2 is say 1.5, then the same unit value of water vapor H2O is greater than 2. Therefore, water is not only 10X more plentiful than carbon dioxide but it also retains 33% more heat.

          I am currently doing research to determine if the earth is warming, and if any part of that warming is anthropomorphic, then what is the activity that is making the temperature rise?

          I am researching this from the hypothesis that possibly it is ALL human activity that is converting energy for its own use and that is both releasing heat and evaporating every drop of water 💧 that is used and raising the humidity. About a year from now, I should be almost finished.


        • vinaire  On September 10, 2022 at 6:16 PM

          Interesting research! Let me know what you find.


    • vinaire  On September 10, 2022 at 10:06 AM

      To me science is that knowledge that has the most continuity, consistency and harmony.


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