A Logical Approach to Theoretical Physics

Reference: Research in Physics


BOOK: A Logical Approach to Theoretical Physics


This Physics Book


# 1: Physics, Objectivity and Subjectivity

# 2: Matter & Void

# 3: Matter, Space and Time

# 4: Absolute & Relative Motion

# 4A: Feynman on Quantum Behavior

# 5: The Wave-Particle Duality

# 6: Einstein’s Paper on Light Quanta

# 7: The Universal Frame of Reference

# 8: Newtonian Relativity

# 9: Einstein’s Relativity

# 10: The Lorentz Transformation

# 11: The Spectrum of Substance

# 12: The Electromagnetic Spectrum

# 13: The World of Atom (Part I)

# 14: The World of Atom (Part II)

# 15: The World of Atom (Part III)

# 16: The World of Atom (Part IV)

# 17: The World of Atom (Part V)



@ I. Faraday: Electrical Conduction & Nature of Matter

@ II. Faraday: Thoughts on Ray Vibrations

@ III. Faraday: On the Conservation of Force

@ IV. Faraday & Maxwell



N1: This Research

N2: Human Interface of Physics

N3: The Space-Time

N4: The Logic of Field


On these materials, I would love to have the following feedback from you.

Email: vinaire@yahoo.com

1. Can you follow what I am saying?

2. Are there some portions that are boring?

3. Are there places where the language is a bit unrealistic?

4. Which passages you had to read twice?

5. Which sections do you remember best?

6. Which parts could be eliminated when necessary?

Thank you.

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  • Saeed Ahmed  On September 4, 2019 at 10:09 AM

    Hi Vinaire, are you still expecting feedbacks on your book?

    • vinaire  On September 4, 2019 at 11:58 AM

      Sure. These chapters are just drafts. I keep on refining them.

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