The Cyclic Universe

Reference: The Universe and Physical Elements

The basic model of the universe may be described as cycles within cycles within cycles. The earlier is the cycle the larger, lighter and more encompassing it is. The later is the cycle the smaller, denser and more limited it is. The evolution takes its course from earlier to later cycles. 

Prior to any evolution there may simply be the impulse to evolve as described in The Creation Hymn of Rig Veda. Even gods came later. The universe being cyclic means that any “creation” is, essentially, a type of change. The idea that “God created this world” can only mean that God evolved into this world. God and this world are one and the same universe. 

The earliest cycle shall have the longest, continuous duration; they will form the background without a boundary. In comparison, the later cycles shall appear increasingly discrete within that background. Total continuity of the background without variation is equivalent to infinite speed since speed appears only when there is discreteness. Therefore, as evolution occurs towards smaller but more numerous cycles the speed slows down. As cycles become smaller, they also appear increasingly condensed, viscous or solid.


The Physical Dimension

In the physical dimension, this evolution appears in the form of the electromagnetic spectrum. With evolution of this spectrum, the wavelength decreases while the frequency increases. The electromagnetic energy gradually condenses finally taking the appearance of solid matter. This whole spectrum is evident in the structure of the atom, where solid matter appears at the nucleus in the center far from atom’s boundary.

Matter would be the ultimate condition appearing at the end of evolution of the electromagnetic spectrum. One would expect the electromagnetic wave to be gradually decreasing in speed with increasing frequency. This speed may appear to be nearly constant around the frequency of visible light in the inertial frame of reference (the perspective of matter) as postulated by Einstein.  But the “speed of light” is obviously not constant over the whole electromagnetic spectrum.

The physical matter, in a way, is the uppermost visible crust of the universe behind which the enormity of universe lies. In our ignorance, we believe this material crust to be the whole of universe. We even call it the physical universe. As we come to know more of this universe through science and yoga, our perception is improving. 

The uppermost cycle is the most stretched out and least dense as a substance. We may call this the background of Space. It forms the ultimate reference for all other cycles, which we see progressing within this background. We call this progression Time.


The Spiritual Dimension

The impulse to evolve prior to any evolution may be considered the spark that accompanies the evolution all the way. It makes the light move and electrons whiz around the nucleus of an atom. This is the spiritual dimension underlying all motion. It is the spirit underlying the evolution from space to matter. It is what we have been describing as energy.

At the uppermost reaches we have pure, raw energy that we associate with the gods. As this energy condenses, it first appears as the self-animation of light and electrons. This energy then evolves into the complex motion within the DNA molecule and the cells. The cells then evolve into the plant and animal kingdoms. The motion gradually evolves from insentient simplicity to sentient reaction. The reaction evolves in its selectivity in response to increasingly complex conditions. The selective response evolves into analytical observation and considered response to the incredibly complex environment. And finally, it evolves as intelligence  in the humans.

The spiritual dimension that started out as an impulse to evolve, finally evolves into self-animated, complex and intelligent action, which we call life. Thus, intelligence and life are later developments. Intelligence didn’t exist in the beginning. But it exists now after much trial and error, as the peak of evolution.

But there are greater stages ahead of us. The Garden of Eden never existed in the past. It lies in the future. 

The evolution continues.


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