Scientology Grade Processes

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing


When an auditor is auditing a person, he repetitively asks that person to execute a process. For example, if the process is to recall from his experience the times that he waited, the auditor may ask, “Recall a time when you were waiting for something to happen.” After the person has recalled an instance, the auditor asks again, “Recall another time when you were waiting for something to happen.”

The person recalls such moments again and again until the assimilation of these experiences makes him realize what “waiting” really is, and that he has been “waiting” in the present time too, without being aware of it. This is the end phenomenon of that process. This is a new realization for him and he feels happy. After a while he may run this process again and discover that he is no longer waiting in the present time. This again makes him feel very happy. 



In Subject Clearing, a person would run such processes by himself. He would first settle down in the mode of “being there and confronting,” as in the exercise, TR0. Then he would focus on the line of thought required by the process. He may increase his concentration by thinking of the process with each intake of breath. He would know immediately when the object requested by the process is coming up, develops and gets assimilated. He would also know when the desired object is not accessible, or simply not there.

He will soon realize that he can do so without the help of an E-meter; and that he does not have to fear being overrun.

The experience of clearing up an unassimilated impression with a Scientology process is very similar to clearing up the meaning of a “word” and understanding the underlying concept. With the Subject Clearing approach, you’ll be completing the Scientology processes faster than you ever did with the E-meter. You’ll also find out that many processes are duplicative. So, run only those processes that get a good response from your mind.



Run the Scientology processes in the sequence of the Grades. In each Grade check out the processes for response from your mind and run them accordingly. You may come back and check the processes again. Some processes that you could not run before may run now because you have cleared up some obstacles.

  1. Grade 0 Exercises
  2. Grade 1 Exercises
  3. Grade 2 Exercises
  4. Grade 3 Exercises
  5. Grade 4 Exercises



Before you start running these “grade processes” make sure you have completed the first two sections of the Course on Subject Clearing. These sections are,

  1. Introduction
  2. The Therapy Route


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