Straight Memory

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

There are three modes of thinking: (a) Straight Memory, (b) Free Association, and (c) Figure Figure.

The “straight memory” occurs when a person is engaged in deep contemplation or meditation. The mind is simply concentrated on a line of thought. All distracting thoughts are pushed aside.

The “free-association” occurs when a person is simply being there and confronting. The mind then unwinds itself in the background through free-association.

The “figure figure” is the most common mode of thinking where a person is going around in circles and not reaching any conclusion. It is the default mode in people who are anxious.

Hubbard defines Straight Memory as follows, 

Straight memory is also called straight wire. It is so called because the auditor is directing the memory of the preclear and in doing so is stringing wire, much on the order of a telephone line, between “I” and the standard memory bank, plowing through all occlusions and circuits.

Here the auditor is helping a person focus his thoughts around an auditing question. This is what a person does when he is in a Scientology session running a process. Once a person understands it, he can do it by himself without the help of the auditor. 

Therefore, when a person is trained in Subject Clearing, he may run all Scientology processes by himself. No E-meter is needed since he normally becomes aware of the  presence of unassimilated impressions through his gut feeling.

Interestingly, most memory is accessed in the background, out of one’s attention. The accuracy of a person’s memory is indicated by his rationality in thinking and behavior. So, if a person is quite rational, we can safely assume that his memory is pretty good.

The practice of Data Series improves one’s rationality, because in practicing Data Series a person often encounters his own fixed ideas, and gets rid of them. As a result his mental matrix improves in its assimilation. 

The better is the assimilation of mental matrix, the better is memory and mental health.


Reference: Scientology and Memory


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