The Great Discovery of the Vedas

Introduction to the Vedas Part-1

The Sanskrit language was highly developed by the time the Vedas were composed. The Vedas were composed in poetic form, which shows a high level of expression. They are a composition of sounds and words. (25:32)


Introduction to the Vedas Part-2

There are many more dimensions of this universe beside the “physical”. The three dimensions that we are immediately concerned with are (1) the physical, (2) the intermediate, and (3) the higher. There are methods by which capacities can be developed to experience these dimensions. The Vedic rishis had made a great discovery of this method called “meditation.” According to this discovery, our intellect is capable of developing thoughts. But we do not fully know the power of thinking. Thinking has many kinds of powers, and these powers can be developed at higher and higher levels. (25:32)


Introduction to the Vedas Part-3

Thoughts have different pitches like the sounds have and these different pitches have different effects. The effects are basically in terms of the removal of confusions and the creation of clear ideas and flowing images.Meditation is a process of repeating certain ideas in a slow, regulated and steady motion with complete concentration, so that ideas which are not relevant to the thought under consideration, are not allowed to enter. Then see how this thought flows like a river towards its goal. When this is done, every meditation discovers its target. Every meditation has a target—an object to be discovered. It is aiming for a clarity about something—an as-isness of some doubt, perplexity or confusion. The Vedic rishis made the discovery that we have within us a capacity called the “intellect”, and that capacity can be utilized by concentration, and it can go to the target, which is supreme light. (29:12)


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