Guidance on Subject Clearing

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

You may get started on Subject Clearing by yourself any time. Simply follow the course as it is laid out. 

You may start with the section on INTRODUCTION by simply getting familiar with the concepts of METAL MATRIX and ANOMALY. You may come back later to study rest of the details. 

The important part is the basic exercises given in the next section START SUBJECT CLEARING. This section must be studied with thoroughness. All its items must be done in the sequence given. Do not rush through this section. Do each exercise thoroughly after understanding it fully. You may do these exercises by yourself, or with a partner. Either way it is fine. You get a lot of gains from this section. Besides, this section is the pre-requisite to subsequent sections.

After completing the above, you may start with either the KNOWLEDGE ROUTE, or the THERAPY ROUTE. You will be doing both the routes anyway.

If you require any guidance, get in touch with somebody online who already has some experience with Subject Clearing. You may use email, Messenger or even Zoom for this purpose. After some experience, you yourself may guide others who are new to Subject Clearing. Subject Clearing is set up as a grass roots movement. It is totally free.

The whole purpose of guidance is to help the other person get started with Subject Clearing towards becoming a good practitioner. The guide ensures that the Subject Clearing exercises are being done correctly and thoroughly with full understanding. The guide must establish himself simply as a guide in the mind of the other person, and not as some authority.

In general, the guide provides a compassionate ear and a friendly viewpoint. He grasps that person’s doubts and perplexities and directs his attention to the proper material on the Course on Subject Clearing. He does not assert any control over the other person.

The Subject Clearing course is continually being improved on this blog. Your feedback is a big factor in making this improvement occur.

Subject Clearing is a self-help activity. One proceeds through it as outlined above.


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