Ideal Scene and Stats of Subject Clearing

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

The logic of Subject Clearing can be defined by its purpose.  We may then develop the ideal scene from that purpose.  

(1) The purpose of Subject Clearing is to clarify the subject one is interested in. This may include the subject of life.

(2) The ideal scene of Subject Clearing is having a clarity that is continuous, consistent and harmonious throughout all those subjects that one is interested in.

This means, that any lack of clarity in any subject is an anomaly that needs to be resolved. A major obfuscation will be a situation; and it would require tracking down the anomalies and discovering WHY that obfuscation is there.

Any discovery of such a WHY will bring one face to face with some irrationality. That irrationality could be seen as an assumption or a fixed idea. Prejudiced people are suffering mainly from an “idée fixe.” The strange part of it is that the “idée fixe” they think they have isn’t the one they do have. They have to discover that “idée fixe” themselves to be free of it. So, subject clearing can be of great help.

To measure the progress with Subject Clearing we need some method that is free of opinions. The best measure would be some kind of statistics that can be documented and compared. We may state such statistic as follows:

(3) Progress with Subject Clearing can be measure by the number of anomalies discovered and resolved.

Such a statistic may be kept on a daily basis, and charted weekly on a graph. Rising statistics will show how the ideal scene of clarity is being approached by a person. Any decline would mean that either the Subject Clearing is not being used or one needs to increase the depth of diving in a subject, or increase the variety of subjects to work with. 

You may start your subject clearing today.


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