The Vedas and the Vedic People

Complete Vedas With English Meanings

The above narration is very interesting. People who wrote the Vedas many thousands of years ago in ancient India were no different from us. But their life was very different. This was because their environment was all natural.

Their struggle was not so much against other humans as it was against their natural environment. Their life was very simple and peaceful. There was no concept of money, just the concept of simple exchange. There were only the basic necessities that they required from nature. They had plenty of time to think about the obstacles they faced and the curiosities they had. Their whole struggle was to know and understand the natural elements around them.

Some of these people had deep longing to know. These were the earliest scientists. The data they had was pure observation of their natural environment. No earlier knowledge was passed on to them.

They could use logic, but the data they had was very limited. So, they were very aware of the limitation of the intellect. They depended heavily on intuition and realizations.

When they got an intuitive solution, and it worked out perfectly, it surprised them. The source of such intuitions was unknown.

There was no religion. The names they used for this unknown source of intuitive knowledge became their simple gods! They prayed to them. They showered them with all their praises. And they tried to invoke them in many different ways. Accessing these “gods” became the sole occupation for many of them.

And the religions that followed in India has simply been an account of the continuing search for this unknown source of intuitive knowledge.

There is no other mystery.


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