Introduction to the Universe

Reference: The Universe and Physical Elements


More than just Physical

The universe appears to be made of matter, energy, space and time, but there is a lot more to it. The “physical” is only one dimension of this universe. This is the dimension that science has focused on. Other dimensions of this universe have been touched upon in religion, but they have not been explored with as much precision.

By definition, the universe includes everything. Nothing is excluded from the universe. In mathematical terms, a universal set contains all other sets as subsets. 

The universe includes everything whether physical, metaphysical, real, imaginary, postulated or speculated. 


The Universe and God

The universe shall consist not only of the creation, but of the creator also. Religions in the West separate the universe from God, implying that the universe does not include the spiritual aspect of God. No wonder we have a limited concept of the universe.

But the “physical” and “spiritual” are simply two different dimensions of the universe that we visualize and experience. The actual universe is much, much more. It would include everything that we have experienced as body, mind and spirit and even what we haven’t.

God is not excluded from the universe. Eastern religions confirm this.


Only One Universe

The word UNIVERSE is derived from a Latin word that meant “entire, all, literally, turned into one”. In science we have the theory of “multiple universes”; but these theorists seem to be missing the fact that a collection of “universes” will simply make a larger universe. No matter how discrete the parts of the universe may appear, they all are connected at some level. There is no absolute separation between these “multiverses.”

Even though we do not know about the whole universe, we can expect it to be an integrated whole. Like the clarity and reality, which we examined earlier in The Ideal Scene of LOGIC, the universe, too, is continuous, consistent and harmonious. it is our inadequate perceptions that introduce discontinuity, inconsistency and disharmony to it. In other words, anomalies exist because of our flawed perception. Science has been investigating such anomalies and have come up with fantastic discoveries. But, unfortunately, science has yet to explore dimensions other than the physical.

The universe is a single entity that is continuous, consistent and harmonious.

Science tries to hide the spiritual component under the definition of energy. In the ultimate sense, energy is perceived as motion, but nothing is pushing energy from outside. Energy has its own innate impulse. It may be just that there is more to know about energy. Science is definitely moving in that direction.

The physical and spiritual aspects of the universe are integrated with each other.



In Scientology, Hubbard makes a fundamental assumption in his Theta-MEST theory as follows,

“It is now considered that the origin of MEST lies with theta itself, and that MEST, as we know the physical universe, is a product of theta.”

Here, Theta represents “spiritual” and MEST represents “physical.” This presents an anomaly. This anomaly may be resolved as follows.

Neither Physical is a product of Spiritual, nor Spiritual is a product of Physical. Spiritual and Physical simply represent the two dimensions of the universe.

The basis of this anomaly may lie in the observation that the electromagnetic energy gradually condenses into matter. The electromagnetic energy becomes increasingly “viscous” (increases in frequency and decreases in wavelength), as we move up the electromagnetic spectrum. At the top of this spectrum we find matter. This whole spectrum represents the substance of this universe. The visible energy is as much physical as the matter is. Below the electromagnetic spectrum, we may find the “thought spectrum” which may resemble the Tone Scale in Scientology.


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  • vinaire  On September 5, 2022 at 7:38 PM

    Prior to any evolution the universe may exist only as an impulse that has both spiritual and physical dimensions.


  • vinaire  On September 5, 2022 at 7:42 PM

    The Theory of Cyclic Universe means that any “creation” is, essentially, a type of change only.


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