Multiverse and Universe

All reality is part of a single system. We call this system “the universe”. We tend to think that each person lives in his own universe. Even some scientists are talking about “multiverses”. But these “multiverses” have their basis in subjective mathematics. Science has always assumed that the universe is, as its name implies, a vast single system.

Mathematically, “multiverses” are discrete units. But, no matter how discrete the forms are on the surface, they are continuous at a fundamental level. Whole numbers, which appear to be discrete, are connected by fractions and irrational numbers on a continuous number line. Thus, it is very likely that there is continuity among discrete “multiverses” at some level. They all are part of an overall set of UNIVERSE.


MULTIVERSE (Subjective): There are many universes as viewed by different people.

UNIVERSE (Objective): The universe, as its name implies, is a vast single system.

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