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Reference: A History of Man

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Comments on CHAPTER ONE
The Route to Clear

This chapter asserts that the problem of HOW to audit the mind has been resolved. So, it is time to focus on WHAT to audit with the assistance of an E-meter.

It is common sense that one should start with whatever is bothering a person the most. But Hubbard had theorized in Dianetics that much more could be accomplished by auditing the earliest engram on the case. The person had a time-track, which extended back from the present life to the genetic line, and even earlier to the “whole track.”

Hubbard believed that the “whole track” incidents were the earliest; and auditing them was the fastest route to clearing the person. His goal was to produce a Clear. His theory was that earlier incidents held later incidents in place. Therefore, he assumed that there must be a FAC 1 or “basic-basic” on the time-track that was keeping a person’s whole case in place. Such a “basic-basic” had to exist way back at the beginning of the “whole track.” Hubbard believed that everybody possessed a “whole track” and a “basic-basic.” To him, the fastest route to Clear was to find the “basic-basic” of a person as soon as possible, and erase it. The E-meter was just the right tool for it.

This was in 1952. Hubbard tried hard but he could never find the “basic-basic” on a case. Seventy years have passed since the E-meter first came into use. The E-meter has been improved even after Hubbard passed away in 1986. Still, the E-meter has never been able to detect a “basic-basic.”

Today, we know that any case has few engrams only, and once they are detected and erased, it is very difficult to find more engrams. But plenty of anomalies (outpoints) can be found on a case. The person makes progress by eliminating such anomalies. Actually, Buddha emphasized the handling of anomalies in his Kalama Sutta. Hubbard also tried to handle these anomalies under the guise of “body thetans” on OT Levels.

The matrix model of the mind explains the structure of the analytical and reactive minds in more detail. It explains what happens after the first few engrams on the case are erased, and why it becomes difficult to find more engrams. The fact is: as a person goes up the Grade Chart his awareness increases. The person’s gut feeling becomes more effective than the E-meter. The engram actually appears as a number of anomalies.

There is no FAC 1 or BASIC-BASIC. An engram actually appears as a “set of anomalies” as awareness increases.

The “whole track” incidents may serve the same function as myths in religion, in the sense that they may provide archetypes useful in detecting anomalies.

The best approach is to start a case with an actual anomaly in the present time that is bothering the person, and trace it back to more basic anomalies and, ultimately, to the gap in the person’s awareness.

Such gap is hidden underneath some projection or assumption. As a person becomes aware of such projections or assumptions in his thinking, realization occur that fill those gaps in awareness.

There seem to exist no single point, such as a basic-basic, to which the whole case converges. Instead, the case consists of gaps in awareness covered by projections or assumptions.

As these gaps are filled, a more basic layer of gaps is, then, discovered. And, so it goes.

A person becomes Clear, when the few engrams on his case are erased and his awareness comes up to a point that he can spot anomalies in his environment and in his own thinking. The technology of handling such anomalies is Subject Clearing, which is based on the Data Series of L. Ron Hubbard.



Any similar circumstance repetitive through a person’s whole track has a first time it occurred and that first time that it occurred we call basic-basic. [Note: A cycle simply keeps repeating. It may not have a beginning or end.]

The Clear has no engrams which can be restimulated to throw out the correctness of computation by entering hidden and false data in it. [Note: The state of clear comes about when all unassimilated impressions from present and the past are broken down into perceptual elements and assimilated in the mental matrix.]

Facsimile One; the one basic engram on top of which all this life engrams are mere locks. [Note: This has to be something very general; it cannot be a specific incident.]

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