Mind: The Tool for Resolving Anomalies

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing


The Matrix Model

Subject Clearing proposes a MATRIX MODEL for the mind that replaces the earlier models, such as, the “subconscious mind” of Freud, and the “reactive mind” of Hubbard. This model proposes, for the first time, a structure that parallels the primary function of the mind: the resolution of anomalies. 


Basic Functions of the Mind

Normally, the mind perceives the environment, assesses the conditions, and directs the body to perform activity to resolve situations and improve conditions. The mind also monitors the various flows within the body to maintain it in good condition. The mind continually operates to remove any doubts, perplexities and confusions within itself, so it can operate with clarity.


Context of the Mind

The body-mind-spirit is actually a single system of life whose purpose is to evolve. The body is the solid appendage that interacts directly with the environment. The mind receives the input from the environment, and processes it into various instructions for the body. The body follows those instructions to resolve anomalies in the environment. The spirit is the “center of awareness’ of the whole system that is intent on evolving.


Operational Structure of the Mind

The mind receives the input from the environment through the senses of touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell. This input, therefore, generates SENSATIONS. These sensations are then broken down into PERCEPTUAL ELEMENTS. These perceptual elements are then assimilated in the “mental matrix.”

The MENTAL MATRIX is the core of the mind. It is a network of associations of perceptual elements. Each perceptual element is a NODE of this matrix. The perceptual elements from newly received input are added to this network. 

The ASSIMILATION takes place in the manner of associations being formed among the newly received and the existing perceptual elements. The assimilation requires continuity, consistency and harmony among all associations within the matrix. It is only after this assimilation that the organism is able to perceive the input from the environment.

The mind receives the input continually, and the resulting assimilation and the final perception is also continuous. The perceptual elements are identified by their characteristics and the time when they were received. Upon assimilation any duplicate perceptual elements are merged together. The rest are arranged such that the associations are continuous, consistent and harmonious as much as possible.

MEMORIES are reconstructed as and when needed during mental computations, by associating the perceptual elements in the matrix by their TIME STAMPS. Memories are not stored as “recordings” because that will result in a lot of duplicate storage.

The whole mental matrix forms the EXPERIENCE of the organism. IMAGINATION is generated from the creative associations among the perceptual elements in the matrix.

There may be gaps among the associations, but they are bridged over by rational projections. Over time, these rational projections are replaced by actual experience. 

The multi-dimensional associations of the mental matrix then come to reflect the “universe” with increasing precision. The UNIVERSE refers to all matter, all energy, all space, all time, and all thought. In other words, the universe includes everything physical, metaphysical, real, imaginary, postulated or speculated. Nothing is excluded from the universe. It is the whole existence treated as ONE. 

The finer are the perceptual elements, the better is this precision in perceiving this universe. This is what we conceive as the CONSCIOUSNESS of the mind. This consciousness is much greater in humans than in animals and other organisms.


Limitations of the Mind

Traumatic sensations do not break down easily into perceptual elements after entering into the mind. They embed themselves into the mental matrix as UNASSIMILATED IMPRESSIONS. These unassimilated impressions are like “recordings.” The content of such recordings cannot be properly perceived because they are not assimilated with the rest of perceptual elements in the matrix. 

The unassimilated impressions are “perceived” as raw sensations of PAIN and ANXIETY. Their effect is to distort the mental matrix. Such distortions show up as anomalies in the otherwise smooth operation of the mind.

In terms of earlier models of Freud and Hubbard, the assimilated mental matrix, which provides rational thinking, may be called the CONSCIOUS or the ANALYTICAL mind; and the unassimilated impressions, collectively, which distort the operation of the mind, may be referred to as the SUBCONSCIOUS or the REACTIVE mind.



The mind is the tool that resolves anomalies. Traumatic experience, however, generates anomalies in the operation of the mind itself. Subject Clearing has assisted in developing this MATRIX MODEL OF THE MIND, so that the source of such anomalies can easily be identified and resolved.

The resolution of such anomalies, then, improves one’s ability to think clearly and perceive things in the universe just as they are without distortions. The repair of the mind then also helps repair the body.

Having this ability, one can resolve deeper and larger problems of the universe easily.

This then helps Man accomplish rapidly the prime purpose of the universe: TO EVOLVE.


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