Comments: Clarity of Total Knowingness

Reference: A History of Man

Reference: CHAPTER TWO

Comments on CHAPTER TWO
Clarity of Total Knowingness

Hubbard’s effort  in HISTORY OF MAN was to use these “whole track incidents” as archetypes to detect and assimilate actual impressions existing in a person’s mind. He called it CREATIVE PROCESSING.

Hubbard says,

Creative processing does not address the facsimiles as such, it breaks agreement on the power of the facsimiles. In order to audit a preclear however, one should have a very good acquaintance with what the facsimiles contain. If he has this information, it is relatively simple for him to give the preclear “mockups” which approximate the material in facsimiles without telling the preclear why such mock-ups are being given to him; the facsimiles yet will themselves desensitize.

This is just a trial and error approach, because when you assess these archetypes with an E-meter, you have no idea what the E-meter is truly reacting to. In Subject Clearing you assess these archetypes by your gut felling as you understand them. Then you audit them with “be there and confront” as covered in TR0 with Mindfulness.

The target consists of unassimilated impressions. Such impressions are made of theta, which is thoughts, emotion, effort, and attention in confusion. The process of “be there and confront” spots anomalies in that confusion and clears up the underlying assumptions.

The targets of auditing are:

CELLULAR INJURY: Any physical injury we suffer involves cells. Here we are looking at the pain of direct injury and not the pain of psychosomatic illnesses. The target of auditing in this case is the actual injury.

GENETIC ENTITY: These are cellular experiences, which are carried forward through DNA programming. To access these impressions, one centers attention on the stomach area, and becomes aware of the whole body structure.

INJECTED ENTITIES: These are unassimilated impressions associated with geographical areas of the body, as described in the chapter. These areas are related to major nerve centers in the body. The anomalies appear as “frozen viewpoints” or “fixations.” These may be audited.

THETA BEINGS: This is who the person thinks he is. Theta being seems to represent the analytical ability of the mind, which does not exist in animals. The unassimilated impressions associated with the “I” are the most important target. Out of the resolution of these anomalies will come a better understanding of who one really is.

Hubbard postulates the theta being to be immortal. An immortal beingness would be an unchanging state. This universe consists of cycles within cycles, where nothing ever remains the same. But there is be an aspect of the universe, which may be considered immortal. It is the ultimate viewpoint of Total Knowingness. A person may attain this viewpoint, as described in The Static Viewpoint.

A theta being may not have a body, but it does need a mind to think, make facsimiles, experience emotions, remember or perceive. By clearing this mind, the theta being may attain the viewpoint of Total Knowingness.

Awareness is the property of the assimilated mental matrix. An unassimilated impression (engram) has no awareness. So, when the engram is using the motor controls of the body, no awareness of it exists. Hypnotism operates through an unassimilated impression. All the entities that Dianetics talks about are unassimilated impressions.

The body-mind is a single system. The physical body may be looked upon as the extension of the mind. The unassimilated impressions are the “fixations” existing in this body-mind system. Clearing of the theta being includes the clearing of genetic entity, injected entities, etc.

The theta being is that aspect of the body-mind system, which may be considered immortal. It is not something separate and by itself.

Hubbard is talking about abilities, such as, manufacturing bodies that do not have to be fed. He presented them as theoretical possibilities only. Such abilities were never demonstrated by him.



Creative processing consists of having the preclear make, with his own creative energies, a mockup.

Lower and cruder manifestations of the same order of actuality as thought. [NOTE: Electronic incidents appear to be heavy stimulus-response type incidents found on the “whole track”. They consist of concentrated energy.]

Formerly referred to as the somatic mind. It has no real personality, it is not the “I” of the body. This is the “mind” of an animal, a dog or a cat or a cow. [The genetic entity is the programming carried forward by the DNA molecules from its earliest moments along the evolutionary line.]

By somatic is meant a pain or ache sensation and also misemotion or even unconsciousness; awareness, pleasant or unpleasant, of a body.

Theta is thought; an energy of its own universe analogous to energy in the physical universe but only occasionally paralleling electromagnetic-gravitic laws.

The “I,” it is who the person is. [Note: The theta being is that aspect of the body-mind system, which may be considered immortal. It is not something separate and by itself.]

It is the body of theta carried by the theta being. It consists of a number of facsimiles of old bodies he has misowned and is carrying along with him as control mechanisms.

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