Begin Subject Clearing

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

It is much easier to start Subject Clearing by addressing external anomalies. As external anomalies are handled, they pave the way for handling the internal anomalies.

External anomalies relate to the approximations that the mind makes of the external world. These are best resolved by getting actual experience. In the absence of actual experience logical projections may work where the gaps in awareness are small. But, where such gaps are large, even logic fails.

If one is unable to experience some portion of the external world, one may make oneself aware through the experience of others as relayed through books, lectures, videos, etc. This is basically what school and university education is supposed to accomplish. One is learning through the experience of others. But the information that is relayed, could itself become distorted after passing through many relay points.

So, the starting point is strengthening one’s ABILITY TO OBSERVE AND EXPERIENCE with eyes open.

Here are the recommended exercises for this purpose:

  1. Extroversion & Orientation
  2. Observe without Desires
  3. Observe without Assuming
  4. Observe what is Missing
  5. Observe the Incomprehensible
  6. Observe all Senses
  7. Let the Mind Un-stack
  8. Experience Fully
  9. Do not suppress
  10. Associate Data freely
  11. Observe beyond Name and Form
  12. Contemplate thoughtfully
  13. Let it be effortless

Click on the link to access the exercise. Do each exercise repetitively in 20 minutes sessions until you feel you have attained its purpose. It is important that you be relaxed and let the mind present data to you. You do not present any data to the mind in this observation mode. You examine the incoming sensations, information and data without avoiding, resisting, suppressing or denying them. Let the mind associate the data on its own. You simply be an observer.

Good luck!


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