Exercise 9: Associate Data Freely

Reference: The Discipline of Subject Clearing

In order to practice mindfulness, you will have to let your mind associate data freely. Mindfulness is being comfortable with the very activity of thinking itself. So, let the mind associate data freely on its own.


To practice associating data freely.


Complete Exercise 8: Do Not Suppress.


In this exercise you associate data freely. You may do this exercise while sipping coffee in a café or strolling along a river. You may even find a place where you can sit comfortably for a while without being disturbed. Then patiently observe the world go by.

Address any medical condition appropriately before starting this exercise. Make sure the body is well-rested, well-fed and free of stimulants. Make sure the environment is safe and free of disturbance.

As you observe let the mind associate that data freely on its own. Observe the mind without interfering with it. Expand your span of attention to as wide a context as possible, and let the physical and mental perceptions pour in. If you go into deep meditation let it happen. You will certainly come back out from it.

Review earlier exercises as needed to ensure that you associated data freely.

Continue this exercise for at least 20 minutes. You may repeat this exercise as many times as you wish.

End of Exercise:

When you are confident that you can let the mind associate data freely, then this exercise is passed.


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